7 holiday destinations, as beautiful as it is safe

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holiday destinations

If you have not already made your holiday plans this year, here are some destinations that you attract attention not only their beauty, but also because they are safe, at least statistically.

It’s not hard to see that some of the most attractive places on the planet are ground conflicts, so often missing from tourist offers. Fortunately, there are still enough places in incredibly beautiful world that can be visited without too many risks.

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Browse our popular destinations for both traditional package holidays as well as city breaks. European and worldwide destinations to choose from.

1. Region Algarve, Portugal

With historic villages, cork trees and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Algarve is a destination not to be missed. But what makes it unique in the world are open caves on the beaches, natural wonders, with their improbable shapes, seem to emerge from a surrealist film. The price of a holiday in Algarve, Portugal starts at 580 euros.

2. Iceland, the country aurora borealis

Not only looks gorgeous scenery, but there will always be safe – at least as long as you do not try to pronounce the name of the places, mountains or other targets in Iceland, action that could hurt you in the language.

There are travel, but the best one you plan a vacation here depending on what you like. The price of a flight to Iceland starts at 350 euros.

3. Petra, Jordan, the city carved in red stone

Reddish desert of Jordan will discover some of the most sensational images that the world can offer. Carved in stone city of Petra is probably the strongest tourist attraction in the country, along with Fort Aqaba, Obseratorul Poultry Research Station or marine life.

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The price for a holiday of seven days in Aqaba region starts at $ 500.

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4. Sri Lanka, the definition of exotic paradise
Bundala National Park, located about 40 km from Colombo, has offered one of the most spectacular ecosystems of the planet. Hidden among lush coconut plantations find Anuradhapura, city sacred to buhisti and one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. The price of a scheduled vacation in Sri Lanka starts at 1,180 euros.

5. Botswana, African authenticity

If you want to visit sub-Saharan Africa should know that Botswana is considered the safest of African countries. Savana and her impressive animals, authentic tribal villages here deserves to have a slightly longer flight. The price of a ticket round trip starts at 900 euros.

6. Croatia, South Dalmatia region

Famous Dalmatian rocky shores of composing some of the most spectacular coastline seen by humans. Croatia is a tourist destination often underestimated, although it has a lot to offer. Blue Cave, in which the dive is a beauty unique. Offers tourist for this area are still enough, with prices that start at 480 euros.

7. Crete, Greece charm

Warm climate, welcoming mountain villages and beaches were The real attractions of this island in the Mediterranean. Crete is one of the favorite destinations of Europeans, and if you missed it before, this year it’s time to see. Prices for vacation three stars in Crete start at 372 euros, but there are also offerings that do not exceed 300 euros.

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