7 most accessible destinations of 2017

accessible destinations

Travel experts have made the list of most interesting but accessible destinations recommended for holidays in 2017. Remembering that a cheap ticket is purchased in advance, they recommended destinations such as Chile, Morocco or Crete.

To qualify for cheaper packages, must choose in advance which destinations you want to visit in 2017. Next year will be favorable to tourists is based on a low budget, according to a report “American Express Global Business Travel” plane slips prices will fall.



Buzzy, Newly Accessible Destinations, From the Canadian Arctic to …

Oct 26, 2016 10 buzzy travel destinations, all on the brink of big change, to visit in 2017— thereby startling your friends.


Mazatlan, Mexico

“For the traveler who wants to enjoy more culture, my top choice is Mazatlan. Considered the capital of shrimp Mazathan is a gourmet’s paradise, filled with restaurants offering fresh and original dishes. Hotels are extremely cheap and authentic, since most are not part of the huge chains. They have great pools that are perfect for families with children, good food and comfortable, “said Holly Johnson, founder of travel site clubthrifty.com.

South Africa

“I spent a month in Cape Town and, based on my Uber transportation to get to and from meetings, activities and lunches for the roads to which I attended, I gave under $ 20 each day. And hotels are very cheap. If a standard room at the “Taj Hotels & Resorts” in New York, pay 786 dollars a night in Cape Town, a room in a luxury property that provides similar cost 266 dollars, “said Michaela Guzy, travel expert. And rentals of private villas in the service provided by Airbnb are also inexpensive and safe options in major cities. Travelers should consider booking tickets in advance to save money. “Part of the most beautiful travel in this area is the joy of drinking good wine at low cost. You can order a glass of one of the best varieties at a price lower than that of soda cans, “added Guzy.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

“The best time to go to the Caribbean is between late April and mid-December, when discounts at hotels. Puerto Rico retains its affordability, especially for visitors. If you stay within range of the old town, you will not need to rent a car to access restaurants, the most important tourist attractions and souvenir shops “recommended Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, tourism expert.


“In Chile Santiago I like the diversity of food and quality wine. It is a lesser-known corner and truly special world. I love the small town on the lake in Puerto Varas, some of the lakes district of Chile and northern Patagonia. It is easy and cheap to rent a car to explore this area, “said Annie Fitzsimmons, National Geographic editor. “You can explore wonderful places, two hours drive away. This area is very little explored, is one of those places that feel they want to keep me, but it is so special that I can not do that, “added Fitzsimmons.

“Crete is a dream come true for guranzi. A place where the road from the farm food directly on the table is not just a slogan but a way of life. Most people here live more than 100 years, so obviously I know I do. In a natural beauty (such as beach Balos), the locals here welcomes tourists with open arms, oferidu themselves to show them amazing places, “said Meagen Collins, co-founder of the website Food Fun Travel, traveling the world in search of new places to spend holiday, reaching over 85 countries.


“For many, Morocco is a dream trip, and yet keep the cost tends to be an impediment for many. You must not know that it is one of the African countries most affordable, especially when it comes to costrurile flight. On the other hand, food is by far my main reason to visit this destination. Typical cost of a meal ranges between 2 and 12 euros for two people and includes appetizers, entree and unlimited mint tea, “says Lucie JOSM, specialist in travel. “For vegetarians and vegans, this is the perfect destination; vegetables are cheaper than meat, fresh fruit smoothies and costs less than one euro. When it comes to accommodation, my favorite is “Riad Yasmine”, which give between 75 and 150 euros per night, “added JOSM.

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“Luxury accommodation at affordable prices, cheap and extremely healthy food and beautiful sights make the most accessible destination Vietnam, but interesting in Southeast Asia. There is accommodation for everyone’s wallet. In Hanoi, my favorite is the Hotel Hitch, near the old town, where you can rent a room for less than 65 euros per night. For only 15 euros, a guide will lead you on foot or by scooter to the most popular targets, markets and places of interest. You eat like the locals and you will learn the names and ingredients of different dishes, so you can order again, “said Marybeth Bond, National Geographic editor.


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