A corporate director gives employees 7,500 dollars to go on holiday

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In 2012, Bart Lorang, co-founder and CEO fullcontact technology has reinvented the concept of “rest leave” pay.

Beyond the 15 days paid leave, the company gives employees $ 7,500 each to enjoy the holiday properly, writes Business Insider. And that beyond salary.
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Head generous, however, has three ‘conditions’ for its employees: do not check their work email, do not “honor” SMS of the same nature and of course, do not talk on the phone for work. Do not work, period. To receive the $ 7,500, employees must leave “real” vacation.

Bart Lorang’s program has not gone unnoticed. Last year, Brad McCarty, director of enterprise communications fullcontact said that the strategy works great. “All the big names in technology focuses on one idea, that employee happiness a priority. Even if you can not weigh the economic efficiency of this principle, it is not difficult to notice what happens when someone returns from a holiday leave paid “twice”: You will see no doubt that people are more efficient, and happier workers. ”

As stated Huffington Post and at that time, numerous studies supporting the idea that happiness at work brings major advantages for both employers and employees.

What people do not understand, said Lorang to Business Insider , is how political change days off daily structure of a company.

It speaks of “tremendous force to remove single points of failure.” By sending employees into “real holidays” – which otherwise would have been inaccessible – Bart Lorang has built a culture that will never depend on one person.

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All employees want to feel indispensable and startups cultures are inclined to “lone hero syndrome” mentality like “I’m the only one who can do this.”

But this is the definition of individual point of failure, the wheel will squeak into gear. The mentality is harmful for both the employee and the employer.

“But remember what I tell you,” said Lorang. “If people know they will be disconnected” automatic “to work without restraint will contribute to the welfare of that company.” This will inspire, help and support colleagues.

Policy “PPD” (paid paid vacation) helps employees be more happy and relaxed because I know that is not the last line of defense and Costa Rica is fabulous in this time of year.

Lorang’s measure has an impact on the macro level. “At the end of the day, the company will be greatly enhanced,” he concludes.

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