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A ranking of international airports where they reported very few races late 2015, conducted by website analytics tourism OAG is helping travellers who want to avoid waiting periods before leaving for a destination or another.

The world’s most punctual airports revealed and the UK only has ONE

It turns out that if you want the best chance of a smooth journey, it’s best to use hubs in Japan, Russia, Finland or the US, according to a new report, which reveals the most punctual airports in the world. Shamefully, the only airport in the UK to

Airports in Japan, Russia, Finland and the US have proven the performance after analysis by OAG, because they have the fewest recorded last year delayed flights. OAG report reviewed airports divided into three categories: small, medium and large, based on the number of seats sold annually, notes the Daily Mail. Thus, a small airport category fewer than 10 million people sold annually, a model of punctuality in this category Itami airport in Osaka Japan with a rating of 93.85%. The analysis was based on the flights should take off or arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure or arrival announced. In the category of medium airports at Copenhagen was ranked first with a rating of 88.53% of flights arrived on time in 2015. Regarding major airports of the world, Tokyo Haneda from Japan included this year in the first position of the ranking, with 91.25% of flights timed departure and destination announced.

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