Bedrooms secret resting flight attendants

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Most aircraft Boeing 777 and 787 have a secret staircase that leads to several small bedrooms with no windows, for flight attendants. They need sleep, especially during very long distance races, writes Business Insider.

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Secret staircase leading to the bedrooms flight attendants.

Steps are hidden behind a discreet door, which is usually near the cockpit of the plane.Typically, opening the door for the introduction of a code or a key.
Entry into certain types of cabins is made through a place that resembles an ordinary space for luggage. An example of a Boeing 773 aircraft American Airline Company.
A sign indicates exactly what is “hiding” behind the door for flight attendants bedrooms.
Hostesses enjoy a rest area Boeing 777, which can gather up to ten beds and a personal storage space for each team member.

In a Boeing 777 commercial aircraft, pilots enjoy their rest compartments consisting of two beds and two business class seats, plus enough room for various plumbing.

Other aircraft features bunk beds, as the company’s Airbus A380 Malaysia Airlines.
To return to the main cabin, flight attendants access an emergency exit under beds, which leads directly “surface” through a closed compartment on the outside.

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