Cheapest destinations in Europe that you can visit this winter

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After all the celebrations of December, a small European escape seems to be the perfect antidote against post-celebration depression. European off-season destinations are the best idea you’ve ever had. Flights are affordable, accommodation is low and everything you want to visit is still there, without crowding over the summer.

Dublin, Ireland A Guinness mug or a cup of hot whiskey in an Irish pub is the most comfortable thing you can do. With hotels 20-30% cheaper than summer rates and excellent flight deals, January to March are excellent for a visit to the Emerald Island. In addition, the largest traditional Irish music festival also takes place in January.

Lisbon, Portugal – The Lisbon coastline is distinguished by a selection of sensational seafood, and its proximity to Morocco and Spain means inspired, diverse and original menus. Even if you do not have beach weather in the winter months, incredible architecture, UNESCO World Heritage sites and Michelin star restaurants are there all year round.

Venice, Italy – Agglomeration and pigeons on warm days are not the happiest combination. However, both gather in the floating city during the summer months. Avoid crowding (because pigeons will always be there) reserving a winter escape. Not only will you find extra seasonal offers, but you will also get easier access to the authentic part of the city – or what the locals call beaver (beautiful life) – such as unconventional handicrafts and galleries , unconventional restaurants. In addition, if you visit Venice in February, you have to make sure you have a carnival mask.

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Barcelona, ​​Spain – While temperatures are not suitable for the beach, they are perfectly moderate. Additionally, besides Gaudí’s architecture where you can enjoy sophisticated eyes and dishes, you can also take part in cultural activities during the winter, such as the Santa Eulàlia Festival in mid-February, where you will find outdoor concerts free, parades and more. Sevillia, Spain – If direct flights to Seville are not very cheap, those from Barcelona are affordable. Make a small stopover and visit the orange-lined streets of this ancient world, a romantic city full of history – just think of flamenco dancers, matadores, gothic architecture and delicious tapas. And the best part of the visit during the winter is that you can enjoy this city without the suffocating summer heat.

Vienna, Austria In winter, you can make considerable savings on flights to Vienna, but especially accommodation because summer tourists are away. That means you will have all the Habsburg imperial grandeur of palaces, museums and horses just for you. If you have forgotten, Vienna is the home of Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms and Mozart, so do not hesitate to go to the acoustic masterpiece which is Musikverein concert hall if you want to have an ear therapy.





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