China is building a park in the desert

park in the desert

China started building a Ulan Buh Desert National Park in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the north. The park is designed to become a tourist destination and to promote knowledge about the desert ecosystem, according to Xinhua Monday, according Agerpres.


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The park will be located in the center of Ulan Buh Desert of one million hectares, located along the Yellow River, which is the eighth largest desert in China. In this area, the park will occupy 353 hectares and is expected to be completed in 2032, said the source.

In parallel, local authorities work to restore and transform the desert area of arable land with forest belt length of 191 km at its eastern extremity to prevent its expansion.

 So far already taken various measures to improve the environment in the area: sand barriers were erected to stabilize sand drift were planted shrubs, trees and grass suitable for desert, such as buckthorn and willow Salix shrub Caragana. These plants not only helps to anchor the sand, but also bring economic benefits to local farmers, says

Ulan Buh Desert Paleolithic was covered by a giant lake, while dried up. In the last 2000 years, sand drift was Badain Jaran desert north of Ulan Buh invading. At the same time, overgrazing led to the formation desert area east of Ulan Buh mentions


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