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no car trafficThere are urban settlements where the movement of cars is strictly forbidden by law. These are unique cities through their lifestyle, but also historical dignity, which attract millions of tourists annually.


Reclaiming city streets for people — Chaos or quality of life?

Now there is no car traffic. Traffic flow in streets adjacent to the square has risen from 1 000 to 6 500 vehicles per day, while in other streets there has been no …

All over the world there are cities where some areas have restricted motor traffic, while there are also urban settlements where car rides are totally forbidden. Some have done it to preserve the historic integrity of the settlement while in others to drive by car is absolutely impossible, writes Among these, the most visited tourists are: Venice, Italy One of the most famous cities for the lack of cars is Venice. The capital of the province with the same name in northern Italy has been declared a UNESCO heritage since the 1970s.


Venice comprises 118 islands, and the island’s canal is 175 channels in length, and 38 kilometers in length. The narrow streets are crossed on foot, and the canal is crossed either by boat or one of the over 300 bridges of the city. Venice is connected to the mainland by a railway bridge built in 1846, but once reached the platform, the city must be visited on foot or on the gondola. The distribution of goods is also done with the help of small craft with engines, while tourists are familiar with vaporetto journeys.

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Giethoorn, The Netherlands The city of Giethoorn in the Netherlands is another example of urban settlement that preferred canals instead of cobbled streets. The reason is related to the industry in the area. The channels were formed after the peat was discovered in the swampy region, a variety of inferior coal used mainly during the industrialization period. Circulation in the area is also accomplished with the help of boats, be it the traditional ones, for which the tourists prefer, or the motor boats used by the locals. In the old area of ​​the city were recently introduced bicycle tracks. Even though it bears the name of North Venice, the city of Giethoorn is an idyllic place for nature lovers, being a quiet area unlike the cosmopolitan Italian port. Chinese tourists are the ones who have particularly fallen in love with the Dutch city canals, and hundreds of thousands have each year to go by boat through Giethoorn.

Hydra, Greece With its cobbled, narrow and sloping streets, car traffic is virtually impossible in Hydra, one of the Saronic islands in the Aegean Sea. The city is largely dependent on the tourist activity in the area and many restaurants and shops can be found in the harbor for those visiting the Greek islands. In order to continue to benefit from tourism, the authorities have imposed a conservation law so that the traditional features of the city are not destroyed.

Vauban, Germany If so far there have been cities that do not allow car traffic because of historical development, Vauban is a place specifically designed to be environmentally sustainable. The city is a modern one and it was designed in such a way that the central and residential area does not travel by car. Those who can not give up cars must park them on the edge of residential areas. Residents who have no cars are financially rewarded by local authorities. Until now, about 40% of the 5000 residents of the city have definitely renounced cars, and city traffic is done either by bicycle or on foot.

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Mackinac, Michigan, United States of America Not just Europe has cities where cars are forbidden. On the Mackinac Island in Michigan, the United States, about 500 people live, and most work in the field of tourism. Cars have been forbidden since 1898, and traffic is now being carried out with rackets or carriages. The locals banned the cars because they scared the horses and disturbed the city’s peace. The only premise vehicles are those for emergency response.

Fire Island, United States of America The city occupies the entire island, which is too small to allow the construction of boulevards. Due to too small space, residents and tourists are happy to cycle, and if they have to carry bigger luggage, they do it with the caravans they attach to the bicycles and can leave them in the specially arranged car parks.

Paqueta, Brazil Paqueta is an island off the coast of Brazil and is the home of the tribe of Tamoio. Indigenous people have disappeared as a result of colonialism. The Portuguese authorities used the island for the production of wood, stone and fruit, and the aristocrats of the times built their villas here, largely because of the wonderful view. All the sight and nature is what attracts today the tourists who come to visit the island and who appreciate the old charm of the place, strolling through the cobbled and narrow streets.

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