Co-pilot of a Stuttgart flight found in a intoxicated state

drunk pilot


TAP Air Portugal canceled a flight to Lisbon, and 106 passengers were stuck at Stuttgart Airport after the co-driver was found drunk just before takeoff, informs The Guardian daily.

The flight was canceled after an airport employee observed the co-driver “smelling alcohol” and informed the authorities immediately, a police statement said.

The police found the 40-year-old Portuguese co-driver in a state of drunkenness. Prosecutors withdrew him from the license and bail at 10,000 euros.


The truth about drunk pilots – does the profession have an alcohol …

Jan 24, 2018 If you were to compile a list of the Top Ten Things to Unnerve Plane Passengers, having armed police enter the cockpit moments before take-off, handcuff the pilot and lead them away on suspicion of being drunk would have to rank pretty high. This is what allegedly happened last week on a British Airways …



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