Constanta, preferred destinations for tourists

visit constantaThe situation in Russia and Ukraine stands for the second consecutive year passenger vessel traffic in the Port of Constanta. After revenue rose, the people of Romanian tourism is struggling to obtain a formal title – the most attractive Black Sea port.

River cruise vessel area was the one who opened the 2015 season this week ship is not great, but almost every month brings German and American tourists on the Danube to Constanta. River dock area there seven times until August. Tourists climb on board were part of restaurant, bar, Internet connection, gym, cabins with bathroom and numerous amenities. But Americans or Germans not to stay on board ship, but to reach the various ports as and Constanţa. This is based on travel agencies when making calculations for the large number of visitors come by way of water. In 2015 are expected to reach the port of Constanta more than 70,000 tourists.

Constanta will become a cultural port for tourists

Tourists from around the world will come to see the ancient cities of Dobrogea, thanks Limen Project – “Cultural Ports Aegean to the Black Sea“. Approximately 100 guests, partners in the project, will discover the cultural richness of the area. Archaeologist Constantin Chera said that the European project aims to …

People who come into a port are people who will leave money in the town, and the amounts exceed the average of 150 euro / person. Many cruise ships will arrive in Constanta went, until three years ago, in Odessa or in Russia. Now all those ports are avoided by large companies managing ships. In addition, no Russian or Ukrainian tourists have no money or fancy cruises. Therefore, the Bulgarian seaside, which relied heavily on visitors from those countries suffers. Reservations for 2015 declined. A vessel as River area remains in Constanta for 24 hours, enough time for tourists to see the city and even to reach Bucharest and the Danube Delta. Shore trips are those that generate revenue and higher authorities.

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Most tourists prefer to see fewer spenders ruin Casino, take a walk through the market and then to eat in a restaurant in the city center. The Germans are particularly interested in the Danube Delta. For them, a day trip in Tulcea County is more important than walking through Constanta, so leave the ship immediately road coach and then a visit to the Delta channels. Wine tasting at Murfatlar or visit the cave of St. Andrew and the invitation to lunch cooked by monks are next on the list of excursions from us. Tourists prefer older cities and museums to visit in Constanta, so they buy one ticket for Histria and go to the National History Museum in the city. Travel agencies have adapted to the idea of ​​the trip to Bucharest to Bran Castle. Tourists are offered to leave the ship for a day and a half or two and are then transported by bus or plane in Bulgaria or Turkey to getting back on the ship. Among this chosen destinations include tour of Bucharest, which includes a visit to the Houses of Parliament and a Romanian lunch.

Constanta Landmarks – the Casino | Photography Blog of …

So I decided to also go and visit Constanta and it’s surroundings. I did reach Histria, Gura Portitei, Traian’s Tropy at Adamclisi, St. Andrew Monastery and the very special Dervent Monastery, so stay tuned for the following …

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