Couple who retired at 30 years and now travels around the world

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Jeremy Jacobson and Winnie Tseng lived frugally for ten years to retire early and have time and financial opportunities to explore the world.

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Jeremy Jacobson and his partner Winnie Tseng life with their older son Julian eight years, traveling around the world, having lived frugally for ten years, investing and all the money. The two were retired when they were less than 30 years. The couple, who had a normal life in Australia before embarking on this adventure, says she has gathered a portfolio worth several million dollars leading a life devoid of eccentricities and unnecessary things. According to the couple, the key to avoiding premature retirement living consumerism and reduced to a minimum. On their blog, Go Curry Cracker, the two talk about their lives, about low-income families they come from and where they grew up, and about the loans they have made to the bank to be able to go to college. The two were able to overcome their modest origins by selling the house and their car and saving money every day. Ten years later, the couple had saved more than 70% of revenue, then investing all your money on the stock market.

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Jacobson and Tseng now live dividend amounting to 2883 pounds per month, according to The Sun. Among their most recent trips include those made in Guatemala, Belize, Ecuador, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand. Currently, they are on the island of Penang in Malaysia and believes that they still have about 60 years of travel in the front.

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