Destinations recommended for those who want to travel alone

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travel alone

If you plan to travel on their own in 2017, try one of the six destinations recommended for this kind of experience. Whether you want to find yourself or to make new friends, traveling alone is a good opportunity to discover new places.


Traveling Alone

Travel Alone Before You’re 30 At Least Once. Vedante Prashar | Posted 03.01. 2016 | Travel. Read More: Travel, Solo Travel, Inspiration, World Travel, Traveling …
Organizing a trip where to go unaccompanied is one of the most beneficial ways you can explore the world, out of your comfort zone and discovering the amazing possibilities to find yourself, write Whether you prefer the lively cities or those who can give you the relaxation you need following destinations will inspire you to travel on his own in 2017.

Edinburgh, Scotland

One of the best ways that you can meet new people while traveling alone is to go to places where people gather common interests. There is no other European city to offer you more points than cultural Edinburgh. Whether you want to go to international film festivals, jazz or at “Blues Festival”, there are many cultural activities that can keep you busy during which you spend it in the Scottish capital.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen is one of the safest and most colorful holiday destinations in Europe. Bathes in the Danish capital to 18 hours of light in summer, offering tourists exploring timpulul necessary. A trail bike path winds around the harbor, is the best way to explore the city on two wheels.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a small town, which allows travelers to explore the streets themselves without being intimidated by the idea that will be lost. The Czech capital has concentrated remote sites small, that can be walked on. Relax on “Charles Bridge“, one of the most beautiful places here, the Prague Castle, which is just a few steps from Old Town.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you choose to go the journey alone to find your silence, Thailand is one of the most suitable destinations. Chiang Mai counted no less than 300 Buddhist temples which can provide endless hours of relaxation through yoga. Live a truly unique experience by discovering countless sacred temples, ancient tribes and unforgettable landscapes.

Dublin, Ireland

If mythical elf can be considered part of legends, Irish hospitality is quite real in Dublin. You can take a tour through Dublin, “City of Literature” as was declared by UNESCO or visit Oscar Wilde Memorial House. Book your night to go in one of the Irish pubs, befriend the locals and enjoy a pint of Guinness.


The most unfriendly city in the world

Moscow is the most unfriendly city in the world in May in a poll by website , who asked travelers where they met the most hospitable and willing to help people. So theoretically we could say that in the Russian capital just go if you do not like people in general and …

Remember that Paris is the capital of love and romance. Coffee culture here is well developed, making the city of lights a perfect destination for those who want to travel alone. There are numerous cafes that have affordable where you can enjoy the poetry of Baudelaire, free WiFi or moments of relaxation you need.

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