Detached house like the Stone Age, a tourist attraction in Portugal

fafe stone house portugalIn the mountains of northern Portugal Fafe is a strange building, which has become an important tourist attraction. Casa do Penedo, translation stone house is a unique architectural style, very similar to the old shelters of primitive people.

An Unlikely Tourist Attraction in Poland: Storks

About a half-mile from the Russian border, hidden in the rolling hills of northernmost Poland, is the tiny village of Zywkowo, population 25 humans and 43 pairs of nesting white storks. It is one of the country’s largest stork breeding colonies
 House is surrounded by four large granite rocks. Originally a holiday home, now a museum.

Built just stone house seems carved into the rock, but in reality it is a modern building. Inside has all the necessary comforts: fireplace, pool, and the windows and the windows are armored, although no one knows why the former owners wanted this.

The house was built in 1972 and its construction lasted two years. Although not connected to the electricity grid, the interior is quite comfortable. Currently it operates a museum here.

“Stairway to Heaven”, an illegal tourist attraction

A metal ladder Ko’olau mountains in Hawaii, closed to the public, became secretly a tourist attraction for lovers of thrills.   Although Haiku scale of O’ahu, known as “Stairway to Heaven”, is closed to public access for over 30 years, this is preferred by hiking enthusiasts. Ko’olau in the mountains, covered by a …
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