Disclosures of a 5 star hotel former employee

hotel former employee

A former employee of a 5-star hotel recounts bizarre activities taking place behind closed doors, revealing unusual occupations of visitors surprised when dealing with room service.


Working at South Lodge Hotel: Employee Reviews | Indeed.co.uk

Waiter At South Lodge Hotel (Former Employee) – Horsham – 4 March 2015. A typical day at work would be a normal fairly quite day with around 20-40 people …


A former employee of a luxury hotel told the “Daily Mail” backstage details, including a photo session indecent that surprised her when he was called into a room. One of the images that have remained imprinted in the memory was when he was called to bring champagne in a room where there is a tripod positioned to bed. Initially she thought that there be an interview but, to his surprise, saw that there were three people in the room. “Sometimes, certain companies renting apartments to take interviews and I thought the same thing was happening then. But in fact, there have been a sex threesome. In the room were a man and two women and a semi-professional camcorder. Surely they were not going to make a movie work, “he told the former employee. Despite the fact that those in charge of room service should bring bucket and pour it into glasses beverage, former employee has decided to leave the room as soon as it was clear that the visitors were busy and did not want to distract. For it was already quite normal to come across guests who were having sex. Most shameful task that he had to remind visitors that it was not allowed to have sex in the hotel pool because I happened to see through the window a couple doing this.

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In the top of the list is a naked man who was locked outside while the room emptied a tray and thus was forced to come to reception to ask for a key. Also, an interesting development which has led to amuse hotel employees was finding a vibrator, looked in one of the rooms. However, despite the strange circumstances in which they were caught, the visitors did not care and do not mind paying good money so as to stay at a 5 star hotel.

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