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Facebook page of the travel agency Thomas Cook has been invaded by angry consumers posts that have promised that they will not use the services of the company, after it received 3.5 million pounds, representing costs associated with the death of two children into one of its hotels in Greece, in 2006.

Compensation those of Thomas Cook, consisting of insurance and other statutory payments, is ten times greater than the amount received Shepher family who lost children, Christianne and Robert on for seven and six years. They were poisoned by carbon monoxide after the boiler in their hotel room in Corfu has failed.


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The company offered half the compensation to charity, after the people were annoyed that Thomas Cook has received more money than families who lost children. Compensation was offered by Louis Group in 2013 and 2014, the hotel company that owns Louis Corcyra Beach in Corfu, which killed two children.

Peter Fankhauser, general manager of Thomas Cook Group, said the travel agency did not take the accusations that the hotel owner.

Last week, a jury determined that the audit performed by the Louis Corcyra Beach Thomas Cook was inappropriate and that the Agency decided to violate their operating rules, essentially in relation to consumers. However, the same jury said that Thomas Cook was deceived by hotel managers who did not specify exactly how the gas is fed.

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On the other hand, a person has submitted a petition to boycott the company wants tourists.Promises of abandonment on the company are firm. Thomas Cook shares quickly fell 4%, although investors remain optimistic.

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