Fagaras Fortress, new medieval tourist attraction of Brasov

fagaras fortress

Fagaras Fortress is another example where Râşnov and break that investments in medieval Tourism deserves. Fortress managed to increase tenfold the number of tourists after the city fathers have revived many attractions of the city.

The second best castle in the world is in Romania

“Situated right in the heart of central Romania, the Fagaras fortress in the town of the same name represents one of Eastern Europe‘s largest and best-preserved feudal Castle complexes. Unquestionably the most-visited site in the medieval old town of

If five years ago Fagaras Fortress years barely over 10,000 visitors per year, 2015 exceeded the figure of 100,000 tourists sensitive. Crucial were investments were made in the city recently, from reopening the throne room, the iron maiden exposure and re guard as the fortress of Alba Iulia. In addition to new attractions, the city has a history of over 600 years. Rock was the favorite wife of Michael the Brave Lady who gave this famous medieval dances, but it was a feared communist prison. Tourists can now visit 40 rooms. The entrance ticket costs 15 lei lei for adults and 7 children and students. The fortress is open daily between 10.00 and 19.00. The city last year received a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

New attractions of the city Fagaras Last year it was opened for the first time after 50 years throne room, which has several rooms and impressive. Throne Room was decorated as it was in the heyday of the building. Here they were received tens of kings and queens worldwide. 67 zilţuri were made and candelabra all belonging to the Renaissance. All the furniture was made to order, and the investment amounted to 1.3 million lei money from the local budget.

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Fagaras can see now the dreaded instrument of torture Virgin Iron, a metal cage, which was inside a system with multiple blades. When the cage was closed skewers pierced the body of the condemned to death. How the goal was the victim to suffer as much, prods system was constructed so as not to kill instantly. The knives pierced feet, hands, chest and even the eyes of the convicted person. Legend says it could take two days until the wounded as he could end after agony. Basically, the tortured bleed until he died.

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The new attraction of the city is made up of ten watchmen guard (infantry as they were told a few centuries ago). Soldiers wearing armor and exchange on call every Saturday and Sunday at 12.00. The costumes are authentic as possible and are replicas of those that existed in the eighteenth century. Existing drawings were made after the museum from Fagaras city. Museum of Queen Mary Fagaras Country Museum representatives will be amenajaze next year in the city and a museum dedicated to Queen Mary, where donated items to be exhibited by the Royal House. In the memoirs of Queen Mary, the Castle from Fagaras compared with Bran Castle, where he is now a part of royal heritage that could be brought to Fagaras. Queen Mary was in Fagaras in 1921, when the city was a white Russian command of the camp.

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