Fagaras Fortress ranked as second most beautiful castle in the world

most beautiful castle in the worldIf in previous years the number of visitors exceeded 30,000 hard threshold in 2014 the situation changed. Fagaras Fortress was visited by 55,000 visitors and this year it is expected to reach 100,000 visitors.

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The number of tourists is explained by the increasing promotion of the city. And that was included in a list compiled by Hopper, a site dedicated to tourism, as the second most beautiful castle in the world helped. Fagaras Fortress was originally used for defence.

The city became famous when it was taken over by Michael the Brave. Prince donated it to his wife, Lady Stanca, who lived a year in Fagaras. This is how the castle is the most sought after location for balls Transylvania. It was the heyday of the building.

The Fagaras four balls were held every year. At all participating parties Transylvanian nobles, more than 1,000 people. Historians say that the nobles and 50 piglets cut for a party from not missing red wine and ballroom dancing. Besides the famous balls throughout Transylvania, Mrs. Rock organize musical evenings in the city and attended by wives of nobles in the area. After the death of Michael the Brave, the city became a military fortress and Mrs. Rock would become imprisoned within its walls. Fagaras Fortress role of defense had to communism when it was converted into a feared prison where political prisoners were tortured. The number of those who have suffered from the city walls, because they refused to obey the communist regime is not known exactly.

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Detainees went through most cruel tortures, designed to grind them physically and mentally. Inside the fortress, the Tower Dungeon, there is a hole, extremely narrow, only 50 centimeters, the prisoners had to stay crouched in cold water until they reached the knees.

Iron Maiden” was another instrument of torture appeared on the Inquisition and preserved and communist torturers. According to the documents, the device provided with a cage was placed between the hall and meeting room Inquisition Tribunal.

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The fortress has now become a museum, and Consiliulul Braşov County has allocated 11 million lei for its restoration. It has 66 rooms, spread over five levels. Visitors can admire the architecture of the city, but I can see and feared objects or torture chambers. The fortress can be visited between 10.00 and 19.00, and a ticket costs 10 ron. Tourists can visit the same price and Country Museum “Valer letters”, which boasts a collection of over 20,000 pieces.
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