First luxury hotel in space is launched in the Earth’s orbit in 2021

luxury hotel in spaceWe live in exciting times where space travel becomes more and more accessible. After Elon Musk has demonstrated to everyone that the Earth’s orbit can be significantly cheaper than the 30-40 year-old launches, more and more private companies go to conquer space.


Aurora Station, first luxury hotel in space, is announced | CNN Travel

Apr 6, 2018 Aurora Station is being billed as the world’s first luxury hotel in orbit. Slated to open in 2022, it’ll charge guests $9.5 million.
Orion Span, based in the United States, has announced that it will launch a luxury hotel called Aurora into orbit on the ground. The rooms where the tourists will live are well above those on the International Space Station, and the cost of such a trip is significantly lower than that proposed by the competitors. The Aurora Hotel Space Station will be launched in orbit in 2021, according to Orion Span CEO Frank Bunger. He said the passengers would experience astronaut life for two weeks and even be able to experiment with the cultivation of vegetables in space, which they could take home with them, then as a souvenir. Aurora will be able to host six people at the same time, who will have a choice between different activities during their stay in orbit. In addition, the hotel also has a virtual reality game room called “Holodeck” after the Star Trek series. In order to spend two weeks in space, each passenger will have to take out $ 9.5 million from his pocket.


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