Five beaches away from tourists invasion, shelters for summer vacation

summer vacationEven if a beach holiday seems most relaxing way to spend a few days off, there are beaches famous thanks to their beauty, but overrun by tourists, in which case their charm decreases. The alternative may be represented by lesser known beaches, but meeting all the conditions for a great vacation destination.

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1. Praia do Beliche (above) is located in the mountainous town of Sagres, Portugal. Golden sandy beach attract surfing enthusiasts, and people seeking a quiet place to sit basking in the sun and cool off in the crystal-clear water. In the area there are some caves to be explored or can be used as a shelter in the scorching sun path, according to Business Insider.
2. Greece is a land always surprising when it comes to beaches that dot the islands who knows what hidden from curious tourists. Fakistra beach is the case, the Greek Pelion peninsula. Turquoise water lagoons, waterfalls and soft sand, bordered by olive groves, make this piece of land a haven for sun lovers.

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3. A spectacular beach on the island of Lewis and Harris in Scotland is Luskentyre. It was recently named one of the best beaches in the UK by TripAdvisor travel website, and the advantage is that too many tourists do not come here, but rather locals.

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4. Navio Beach, on the island of Vieques, in Puerto Rico, is perfect for surfers, but also for climbing enthusiasts, thanks to steep cliffs and caves in the area waiting to be discovered. The road to the beach is quite difficult, so that is still a beach protected from the hordes of tourists.

5. Beach Medina, located in Paria Peninsula of Venezuela has deep blue waters and sandy very pale, contrast that delights the eye. The landscape is completed by palm trees, and at the end of the beach are several guesthouses and restaurants offering dishes based on fresh fish and seafood.

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