Five facts about Norway

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facts about Norway

Hints from Norway. It is certainly one of the most attractive countries in the world. Its natural landscape dominated by mountains and endless fjords, high living standards and how they behave amaze Norwegians worldwide.

Norway – Smartraveller

Norway is a party to the Schengen Convention, along with a number of other European countries, which allows Australians to enter Norway without a visa in some circumstances. See our travel bulletin on the Schengen Convention for further …

Hints from Norway. Royal Family Casa Royal Norwegian princely family comes from Glucksburg, Schleswig-Holstein region in northern Germany. Duties King Harald V are mostly protocol, but it is a symbol of national unity. Hints from Norway. Rocket Ferdinand Norway launched its first rocket, “Ferdinand I”, on 18 August 1962 on the island of Andoy. Rocket, such as Nike-Cajun, was launched in ionosphere research purposes. The flight lasted 302 seconds, the rocket reaching an altitude of 102 km. Church of Norway Most Norwegians (74.3 percent) belong to the Church of Norway (“Den norske kirke“). Hints Norway’s largest glacier in Europe Jostedalsbreen, in southern Norway, is the largest glacier in continental Europe. This glacier is included in Jostedalsbreen National Park, created in 1991. Country tunnels Norway is full of tunnels. Laerdal Tunnel with a length of 24.5 kilometers, is the longest road tunnel in the world. The tunnel connects Laerdal and Aurland cities in western Norway and is divided into four sections separated by three artificial caves to interrupt the monotony of underground movements.

How much it costs to travel from Oslo to London by car?

English: A Tesla Roadster, Reva i and Ford Th!nk electric cars parked at a free parking and charging station near Akershus fortress in Oslo, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Tesla is working hard to spread around the world Supercharger network that offers free uploads owners Tesla models. Robert Llewelyn, TV presenter Fully Charged …

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