French bulldog puppy dies in the luggage compartment

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French bulldog puppyA ten-month-old French bulldog puppy died after a United Airlines flight companion told the owner to put him in the luggage compartment on board the plane. Passengers who witnessed the incident said they were “disgusted and traumatized” by the incident.

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United Airlines is in the midst of a major scandal after a ten-month French bulldog dies after a flight companion has forced the owner to cram the animal inside the baggage compartment without air or air the water. “They insisted that the animal be shut down for three hours without any source of air. They made sure the animal was safe and the owner complied, “wrote June Lara, a passenger who traveled to the place behind the dog’s lord, according to the Daily Mail.  The woman said that when the plane landed the owner, who was accompanied by his two children, he opened the compartment ascertaining that the animal was dead. “I kept her baby in order for the woman to resuscitate her 10-month-old dog. I cried with them three minutes later, beside the poor animal’s dead body. Our heart broke when we realized it was dead and we can not do anything, “the woman said.


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