French sailor visited most dangerous and terrifying destinations

french sailorFrench sailor Olivier Le Carrer visited most dangerous and terrifying destinations worldwide, 30 in number, and recently released a book about his adventures entitled “Atlas Places curse”.

A retired sailor, Frenchman Olivier Le Carrer, aged 60, managed to see over time no less than 30 destinations worldwide, considered cursed or dangerous. Fascinated with the legends of these places, Olivier made a real mission of visiting the most interesting of them, and recently released “Atlas Places curse”, in which he tells the story. The islands, castles and haunted forests, swamps crawling with crocodiles, cemeteries, sailor never missed a destination that you can cause a panic attack or a heart. Applicable castle Montségur, a former fortress situated near Montségur, a town in Ariège, in southwest France, where there was a massacre that killed 200 people, the order of King Louis IX century, century XIII.

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Olivier Le Carrer confessed for the newspaper “Daily Mail” that one of the places that were particularly impressed lighthouse on the island is Eilean Mor in Scotland, surrounded by an indefinable mystery. Here there was a bizarre incident in 1900 when three people are in charge of the lighthouse had disappeared. The beds were unmade, cooked food was put in farurii, just as people were seated at the table and the door was locked lighthouse when it was discovered the lack of carers.

Some dangerous destinations visited by former sailor set Zapadnaya Litsa naval base at from Russia, located 120 km from Murmansk, a graveyard for nuclear submarines brought here to be dismantled. The place is dangerous because existing nuclear radiation, because of the 192 decommissioned submarines, only half seem to have been dismantled in compliance with the required safety measures in such situations. Scientists have expressed repeatedly fear that a nuclear accident can occur at any time, as Olivier says.

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