Greek commuters get a new means of transport to work

Mercedes-Benz Citaro O530G bus of Thesalloniki...

Driverless buses are part of a program held in the Greek city of Trikala, starting this summer, but so far have been tested without passengers.

Last Saturday, the Greeks were able to travel by bus autonomously, that might be safer and more effective than one led by men.

A Greek postman crossed 58,000 kilometers to deliver some letters.

The OTE Tower in Thessaloniki, Greece. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Having had the opportunity to know more migrants, a postman in Greece decided to make a unique gesture, meant to draw attention to the problems that people face respective. Ilias Vrochidis went on a journey that can take him home countries of …

“This is the first time anyone dares to offer a standalone bus traffic,” said Angelos Admitis, director of the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems from Greece to popsci. com.

In the past, Greek autonomous vehicles circulating in well established or exhibition or supervised by a professional driver who could intervene in case of emergency. Trikala now has six independent buses that go along with the other cars, bikes and pedestrians.

In order to allow municipal project, it requires amending the legislation. Even then, autonomous buses will run under strict supervision of the authorities.

Maximum travel speed is independent buses 20 km / h. Even if other drivers can travel on the bus lane autonomously, the latter may not change the lane or to transfer – is used for specific paths.”We must be careful,” said Amditis. When people make an accident is an accident, but when the accident involved an autonomous vehicle, could be a political disaster, “even if overall record hundreds of traffic accidents“.

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The program is part of a European project entitled CityMobil2, aims to develop ingenious public transport projects in medium size cities. Buses will run in Trikala autonomous until March 2016. The current autonomous buses, developed by Robosoft, they are in the testing phase.


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