Halloween holiday in Transylvania

transylvania holidayIt is one of the most popular destinations and most tourists want to spend Halloween in Transylvania. Most of them are passionate about the place where vampires and ghosts come say, but especially where it is expected to encounter Dracula‘s castle, according to legend and folk beliefs.

Even if it is just a myth attractive Halloween Transylvania wine annually, hundreds of people from foreign countries and sometimes even from overseas countries. Tourists want to spend nights really scary in this area of our country, and for that not shy away good money out of pocket.

Invitation in Transylvania in a fascinating holiday: Vampire in Transylvania …

This year, on we celebrate the 112th anniversary of the Dracula novel written by Bram Stoker. So Transylvania Live, expert in Transylvania, invites all Transylvania enthusiasts, Dracula lovers in a fascinating holiday: Vampire in Transylvania!

Halloween in Transylvania: How much

Thus, for a stay in Transylvania Halloween, prices start at 799 euros for seven days on sale. Original price was 999 euro but fell for departures from October 29, 2015. Tickets departing Wednesday, October 28 and return Tuesday, November 3, were already sold.

However, seven seats are available for departures on Thursday, October 29 to Wednesday, November 4, at the price of 799 euros. Starts from Bucharest and all ends there, following that between the first and the last day to visit the cities of Sibiu, Hunedoara, Sighisoara and Brasov, according gadventures.com.

Transylvania, the perfect destination in any season …

Transylvania Holiday. Discover the unique, special and magical region of Transylvania. Transylvania Holiday. Search. Main menu. Skip to primary content. Home · The Lodge · Our Secret Garden · F.A.Q · Pricing · Where is …

Halloween in Transylvania: What does stay

Foreigners who want to spend their Halloween night in Transylvania can opt to stay seven days will be part of an adventure. The first day will arrive in Bucharest, and until the day they leave for Sibiu, where they will visit Dracula’s Castle in Poenari and Brukenthal.

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On the third day, travelers leave for Hunedoara, where they will attend a theme party at Castle Hunyad. The fourth day begins with breakfast included, as the second and third days, and continues on to Sighisoara, where tourists will walk and will explore the city of Vlad the Impaler, known as Dracula.

In the “Halloween in Transylvania”, the fifth day is breakfast and dinner included and takes place on the road from Sighisoara to Brasov, which is to be visited Bran Castle. The sixth day is the way back to Bucharest. Tourists have breakfast included, inter alia, visit Peles Castle before going back to the capital. The seventh day, and last, has breakfast and is where tourists go home.


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