Hilton not coming to Constanta!

hilton hotelsEpic unfinished hotel in Port Tomis continue. In the early 2000s, in Tomis on the former Yacht Club (yacht club illegally modified and expanded in the ’90s) it started work on one of the most ambitious hotel projects of the time. It was the Constanta Sea Hotel, a luxury hotel with 10 floors and helipad that would be classified 5 stars.

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In 2005 with the completion of structural works are stopped for lack of funds and the Italian investor decides to sell the building.
The hotel is sold in 2010 to a Turkish investor. In 2014 it announced it hotal 2015 that you will join Hilton Worldwide, confirmed and chain that made public the fact that the hotel will be a Garden Inn.
Release the necessary permits modification and completion of the building project is realized new projects of architecture and the site is cleaned and the crane is doing samples. But things stop there. 2015 inauguration has promised.

Constanta will become a cultural port for tourists

Tourists from around the world will come to see the ancient cities of Dobrogea, thanks Limen Project – “Cultural Ports Aegean to the Black Sea“. Approximately 100 guests, partners in the project, will discover the cultural richness of the area. Archaeologist Constantin Chera said that the European project aims to …
Now things were clarified, Turkish investor and Hilton have dropped the project, and the structure was sold to the amount of 6,000,000 euros.
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