How Christmas was celebrated in different parts of the world

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The Feast of the Nativity is marked differently on the meridians of the planet. If oak branches are burning in Serbia to increase luck, many courageous Nisa sink into the cold water of the river, preserving a tradition dating back over 70 years.

Lighted in magic, Christmas is celebrated differently in different parts of the world. Some rituals date back centuries, while others were taken or invented much later. If Jewish families around the world are lighting candles in Hanukkah‘s eight nights, oak branches are burning in Serbia to boost fortune, and in Nice, many courageous sinks into the cold water of the river, wearing Santa Claus hats, says BusinessInsider. com

Rovaniemi, Finland, is a gateway to the north of the Arctic and “the official Santa Claus city.” The old man can be visited 365 days a year. Here, children all over the world come to personally deliver their letters with desires.

In Croatia, the inhabitants release thousands of lanterns, so that their wishes are fulfilled. Pastorelas, a centuries-old tradition in Mexico, is a biblical scene where shepherds follow the Star of Bethlehem to find Christ.

During the Orthodox Christmas, the clergy are leading a procession on the streets of Tbilisi, Georgia, where the participants give gifts and sweets to children and the needy.

In the village of Martsiyanauka, Belarus, people gather around a tree to mark the end of an ancient Pagan feast known as Kolyada. It is believed that rituals bring rich harvest.

Christmas in Russia promotes a venerable Santa Claus, which is known in Slavic folklore as Father Frost. He is often seen with his daughter, Snow Maiden.

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Jewish families around the world light candles in the eight nights of Hanukkah. Hanukkah is a celebration that celebrates the miracle of Menorea oil, which burned for eight days with just one cup of pure oil that would normally arrive for a single day. The ceremony takes place at home, but also in synagogues.

Christianity is the third religion in India, with millions of people celebrating it with lit candles and birth scenes, gathering at the church at midnight.

Young people in Spain also receive gifts on January 6, Epiphany. During this period the Three Kings parade takes place.

In Munich, Germany, men dressed in Krampus, a creature that punishes the children on Santa Claus’s “naughty list”, scrolls through the city to scare the little disobedient.

You might be surprised to see dry oak branches, not fir trees, over the cars in Serbia. They are burned to bring good luck in the new year.

In the Netherlands, children leave their shoes near the fireplace or window sill, so Sinterklaas and his help, known as Black Pete, leave gifts and sweets for them.

In Nice, France, numerous courageous sinks into the cold water of the river, wearing Santa Claus hats. Tradition has been preserved for over 70 years.


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