How to make money while traveling:

make money while traveling

Passion makes good money to travel a couple of young adventurers, who gave up comfort and do around the world.


How To Make Money While Traveling The World | The Huffington Post

Jun 30, 2016 The topic people have asked me the most about since I began my journey of preparing for full-time travel is how to make money while traveling …

On 26 and 24 years, Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen are two real stars of the network Instagram. The couple travels to some of the most exotic places on Earth, post photos on social networking accounts and received fabulous sums of money from brand sites willing to promote through them, writes “Business Insider” . The two managed to gather together more than three million fans on Instagram, but two separate sites where public photos from their travels. Jack and Lauren were known in Fiji as they worked together and now live in Bali. $ 9,000 for a photo Morris said recently to “Cosmopolitan” that even won $ 9,000 for a single post on Instagram, while Bullen received $ 7,500 for a single photo posted. Jack added that is not associated with brands that pay for a photo less than $ 3,000.
Moreover, the two rounded budget thanks to partnerships with various international brands. At one point, he gave Jack a company $ 35,000 for two days of filming five photos uploaded to Instagram’s account.
Lauren says she started with very few followers, but soon managed to form a community and brands have begun to contact. “I traveled a lot, but basically half month doing nothing. When brands have started to contact me, I realized that I could earn money, so I quit my job and given the freedom to do what I love, “she says. Instead, Jack’s story is different. He left school at 17 years and engaged in order to survive. After five years he was tired of life she led and saved money for a ticket to Bangkok to travel with little money. “I had no plan and only I remained some money. Only the first night I spent in a hotel, “he recalls. After a few months, Jack had diminished incomes and began searching for a way to survive and not be forced to return to the old job. So it used Instagram, which then was released quite recently. “Instead I” grow “my Instagram account I made several niches which accounts repost images. I accounts for pictures of animals for fashion and cars. All have reached significant numbers of followers. Simply make use of images that circulate through the network, and then contact you repost brands asking them to invest money in them, “he explained. After two years, Jack’s business paid off, but did not have time traveled. “I felt I could do this job and my room. All I did was spend a lot of time with phone and laptop in her arms. I forgot to do what I wanted, that is to travel “, he recalls. So he sold accounts you have, but one that had more fans. He resumed travel and live with the money coming from that account. Thus began posting photos of trips we made, quickly gaining many fans, and brands who wanted to promote.
Soon he met Lauren in Fiji, and the two moved in Bali. “We were both the same, and he asked me to go with him in Fiji, which I thought was fun. I continued to do what we love to take pictures and create content, “says the girl. Then Instagram accounts of the two have become increasingly popular, and they began to travel more and show the world through their own experiences. “Brands have started contacting us more often after I start showing up only when you post photos separately. I have seen more value in torque, which is a target of the tourism industry, “said Jack.

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The two say they edit their pictures professionally, but not associated with any brand. “We work only with brands we like and which we believe are authentic. We will never promote something we disagree just for the money, “they say. Asked what is the key to their success, they say it is … fun. “We both started doing this to have fun doing what we love. And it shows in our pictures. We had never expected to receive such sums of money for our passion. We feel fortunate. Sometimes we do not believe that what we experience is real, “they conclude.

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