Island that “appears” only in spring

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A new island, which “reads” the evil Muodaoxi in southwest China each spring, turned into a real tourist attraction, writes Mail Online .The phenomenon was called by locals “lifting spring water turtle.” Sea turtles are, for the Chinese, longevity.

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 The emergence of the island depends on the amount of water flowing upstream. Turtle shape is visible only if the water level is between 163 and 168 meters.

Turtle-shaped island announcing the arrival of spring has become a popular tourist attraction in Chinese. The island is only visible when the river level is significantly decreases, thus revealing the turtle as a symbol of longevity in China.

Muodaoxi River Reserve is located in the Three Gorges region, and the water level is controlled by dam Three Gorges.

 In spring, many tourists come to see the turtle-shaped island.

“It’s a popular saying here for venitrea spring. ”. We say simply that came turtle “says Meng Liu, a local.

 Normally, the river has a depth of 175 meters, which makes the island is hardly visible. When the level drops to 145 meters, the island is connected to shore.


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