Jimmy Cornell has created an industry of adventure at sea

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jimmy cornellJimmy Cornell is Dragos Cişmaşu screen name, born in 1940, son of the royal domain administrator Săvârşin. He wrote 16 books related to yachting and cornellsailing.com website says that sailed 200,000 miles, including three trips around the globe, and roads to Antarctica, Patagonia, Alaska, Greenland, Canada or Spitzbergen Islands. His book “World Cruising Routes” has inspired thousands of sailors; It was printed in seven editions and has sold thousands of copies.

His passion for travel has sparked a Norwegian Thor Hayerdal navigator who traveled Kon-Tiki raft in 1947, from South America to the Polynesian islands. His father was a victim of communism and died in 1959 in Jilava; Jimmy went to Britain after trying to finish his university studies and having worked for a time at MediaPro Studios.

30th Atlantic Rally for Cruisers wraps up in Saint Lucia

Marisja took away the biggest prize in the Cruising Division, correcting on top overall and taking home the Jimmy Cornell Trophy. The last two special prizes were awarded. Inua received the smallest boat award, and AWOL, was awarded the ARCH Marez …

A Gwenda know, coming as a tourist in Romania, and after two years of discussions with Romanian authorities, he managed to leave the country in the UK. He works as a reporter for the BBC. In 1975 starts his first trip around the world with his wife Gwenda împrună and two children, Doina and Ivan. The journey took six years amounted to 68,000 miles and seen 70 countries.His first vessel, Adventure I was under the mast foot a silver coin from the reign of Cuza.

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Cornell Sailing Events & Publications

Founded by best-selling sailors’ author, Jimmy Cornell. Odyssey rallies for sailors . Long distance cruising books.

In the 90 starts in the second Cornell way around the world, and in 1992 organized the event which earned him the nomination in the Guinness Book; it is the largest ocean-going yacht race in the world. While organized other events: ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, Millennium Odyssey, from 1998 to 2000, a race designed to celebrate the new millennium, Blue Planet Odyssey, which wants to draw attention to warming Global Atlantic Odyssey Canaries Islands Odyssey and Odyssey. In 2014 he launched the fourth water yacht Adventure, a 14-meter vessel built by Garcia, two publications chosen vessel of 2015 and nominated as the “European Boat of the Year”.

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