Locals about the most important tourist attractions in their countries

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Niagara Falls from the US to the statue Manneken Pis in Brussels, Belgium, some of the most famous landmarks in the world have been criticized even by locals during a survey conducted by the Reddit social networking platform.

Tourist attractions in the United Kingdom

lists of tourist attractions in the countries of the United Kingdom see: List of tourist attractions in England List of tourist attractions in Northern

According platform Reddit Americans complained about the large number of tourists visiting Niagara Falls, while the Germans are dissatisfied with bodily fluids left behind by revelers at Oktoberfest in Munich. Reddit user Bvigilante disappointment was that the geographical area of Singapore “promoted” as the southernmost point of continental Asia is not at all this, everything is a lie, according to him. An American native of Florida, who complained pseudonym ConstableBlimeyChips has the same problem on a nearby attraction Kay West which is said to be the southernmost point of continental North America. According to the Daily Mail, other residents strive to discover the beauty of the famous places that would, in their view, obscured by the torrent of tourists who jostle to take pictures. An example of this is Niagara Falls. Also on the crowd of tourists, a local city criticized Munich Oktoberfest beer festival and long queues, but also excessive prices.

Spectacular and sinister underground tourist destinations around the world

From wartime bunkers in old salt mines and catacombs housing skeletons of millions of people worldwide underground shelter numerous spectacular tourist attractions or downright macabre. Publication Daily Mail has some unique tourist destinations around the world, under the ground. There are places where few tourists venture, but those who choose …
 Among the tourist attractions are criticised and Mannekin Pis, the famous statue in Brussels 61 cm of a little boy urinating in a fountain basin. This was described by a Belgian as too small, so that you can walk past her without a remark.
User Domesticsuper famous artwork cataloged Denmark – The Little Mermaid – as a goal before whom you do not feel overwhelmed, adding it was fun to go there to see tourists disappointed.

In the UK, the locals are Sider of tourists who line up Conz infernal, waiting for hours to visit Madame Tussauds in London, just to admire the wax statues depicting various personalities.


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