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Montecristo Island became famous after he described Dumas novel The Count of Monte Cristo.

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Mysterious Island is a 1961 science fiction adventure film about civil war prisoners who escape in a balloon and then find themselves stranded on a remote …
Montecristo Island became famous after he described Dumas novel The Count of Monte Cristo. On this island, legend says, is buried pirate treasure of famous.

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Only 1,000 visitors are allowed to walk annually on the island of Montecristo, and the target is received after waiting at least three years.

Rumours of riches here have started to circulate in the thirteenth century, when the monastery St. Mamilian, located on the island, has become one of the richest in Europe. Others say that the Turkish pirate Red Beard had hidden much of the stolen gold here during his expeditions of the sixteenth century.
In 1860, the United Montecristo Italian annexed, giving a Marquis Ginori in 1889 that transformed it into a nature reserve. In 1971, the island returned to the Italian state, which in 2008 opened it to the public.

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