National Geographic recommends a region in Romania as the perfect destination for 2015


national geographicMaramures was included among the 20 most beautiful destinations to visit in 2015 recommended by the American magazine National Geographic Traveler.

National Geographic Traveler recently conducted a top 20 most beautiful places to visit in the new year, it is presented and a tourist destination in Romania, Maramures respectively, according

Monkeying Around With National Geographic

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Maramures region is characterized by National Geographic Traveler as “fearless old world”.

In the land of Maramures history continues to be practiced millenary traditions, long forgotten in Europe. “My cows do not like grass that is cut with the mower. They prefer the taste of fresh cut grass with a scythe,” said Ion Pop, from the village of Botiza Maramures, quoted by National Geographic Traveler.

Splendor in the Grass is not found only” comments National Geographic Traveler, paraphrasing the title of the famous film “Splendor in the Grass”.

Stating that is located in northwestern Romania, known travel magazine insists that life in Maramureş still lived according to the seasons, weather and traditions.

In addition, National Geographic Traveler recalls that Maramures is considered “land of wood”. Tools used by people in their households are made of wood, and the gates of entry into these households are also made of wood carved decorations are secular.

Wooden Churches of Maramures, listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site, say “stories about faith and glory, saints and sinners, about crime and punishment,” drawn from wood paintings decorating the walls of these churches.

Among the main attractions of Maramures listed by National Geographic Traveler include the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, which is famous for its brightly colored crosses that are written epitaphs unusual.


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National Geographic Traveler recommends tourists visiting the region including to spend a night in Maramures village Breb, where they can admire “the most beautiful image of the Milky Way” in their lives.

Magazine gives those who want to travel in Maramures and some tips about the best time to visit this region of Romania, accommodation, restaurants, things to buy and read books in advance.

Apart from Maramures, the most beautiful destinations to visit in 2015 recommended by National Geographic Traveler include Corsica, Medellín (Colombia), Koyasan (Japan), Oklahoma City (USA), Tunis (Tunisia), Choquequirao archaeological park (Peru), Hyderabad (India), Port Antonio (Jamaica), Taiwan, Zermatt (Switzerland), Mergui Archipelago (Myanmar) and Mount St. Michel (France).

National Geographic Traveler magazine is a tourist profile published by the National Geographic Society in the United States. The magazine was launched in 1984 and has several international editions.

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