Popular cities of Romania. What are the places that attract most visitors

Statue from Cluj-Napoca Central Park

Bucharest, Constanta, Brasov, Timisoara and Sibiu is one of the most visited cities in Romania, according to a top made for 2013 by the National Authority for Tourism (ANT).

Popular cities of Romania: who are the first places Bucharest leads posted the top, attracting over 2013 of 1.32 million tourists, of which 600,000 were foreigners. The following places are Constanta (436,500 tourists), Brasov (396 300 tourists), Timisoara (224 400 tourists) and Sibiu (222 800 tourists). The list continues with Mangalia (nearly 214,000 tourists), Sinaia (197,000 tourists), Predeal (148,000), Targu Mures (147,000), Arad (144,000), Cluj-Napoca (121,000) and Eforie (117.380).

Romania Cities Map, Major Cities in Romania – World Map

Some of the other important Romanian cities include Cluj-Napoca, Galati, Arad, Sinaia, Sovata, Voluntari, Constanta, Maramures, Iasi, Covasna, Eforie, Targu-Mures, Azuga, Satu Mare, Prahova and many more. All the cities of Romania have …
Popular cities of Romania. Over 1 million foreigners visited Romania For the study, the NTA has calculated all nights spent by tourists in accommodation establishments of these cities, notwithstanding whether they were here on vacation, for business, for business or to solve other problems, Mediafax. Thus, in 2013 most tourists were not interested in coastal or mountain resorts, but the capital and other towns county seats. In total, in 2013 in Romania were accommodated 7.94 million tourists, of which 6.22 million and 1.7 million Romanian foreign creltere slightly from the previous year. Most foreign tourists visiting Romania are in Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, Isreal, UK, US and Spain.
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