Romania ranked first in the list of recommendations for foreign tourists

foreign touristsThe following countries from the list of 12 destinations worth visiting are: Madagascar, Iceland, Vietnam, Kyrgyztan, Kiribati, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone Dominican Republic, Norway, Uruguay. Norwegian Gunnar Garfors, which is new media consultant, officially became the youngest passenger who managed to visit during free all the 198 countries by the age of 37 years. The record was reached in 2013 when Gunnar finished visiting all countries.


Swedish lifestyle pulls in record foreign tourists

Foreign tourists have also been able to get more kronor for their dollars, pounds and other currencies this summer, which in turn is believed to have contributed to the hike. While a year ago $100 for example would have bought you around 700 Swedish …

He writes a book about this amazing adventure and published photos of his travels. In Romania, Gunnar visited the cities of Bucharest, Craiova, Ploiesti, Calarasi, Slatina, Brasov, Sibiu and several localities in Alba, Mures, Covasna and Harghita. In Bulgaria, he went through Plovdiv, Kyustendil, Stara Zagora, Haskovo, but visited resorts on the Black Sea (Burgas, Varna, Dobrich). Although travel a lot, Gunnar took a job at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, but was able to work away so that his work has not suffered during the trip. “My trips shows that it is not necessary to quit your job so you can see the world. You just need a good plan and boldly, “says Gunnar.

Spain: Foreign tourists account for over half of service exports

MADRID, Spain – Foreign visitors to Spain account for over half of the country’s service exports, according to new research by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

11 habits in Japan they take foreign tourists by surprise

Japan has a really special culture dominated by a very strict code label. There are some ways to eat noodles and gifts can not be accepted anyway. These rules must be respected, because, otherwise, the host will feel insulted. Japanese People: Manners and Habits | Japan Related. Japanese advances in science · …


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