Romanian graduate thrown out of a hotel in the UK on the wrong grounds

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Alecsandra Puflea, 22 years, booked a room online at a hotel in the UK, but when he arrived at the reception was not allowed to check in. Hotel employees said they do not receive Romanian tourists, young man suspected to be in fact a prostitute.


Romanian student refused Holiday Inn room because staff ‘thought …

Jul 22, 2015 A ROMANIAN graduate was refused a hotel room because staff ‘thought’ she was a PROSTITUTE, it has been claimed.


Alecsanda wanted to staying at the hotel Holiday Inns Express in Hull on July 6, along with her boyfriend. The receptionist declined to receive, upon learning that is Romanian, writes The Telegraph. But young prostitute is not, as suspected hotel employees. She just graduated in criminology and forensic medicine of the University of Hull. Hotel employees began to refuse accommodation Romanian women, after several women in Romania have used the hotel rooms for prostitution. Following the incident, Alecsanda filed a complaint to the police and hotel staff and they apologized and promised it will review this policy for the selection of customers. “It was a very painful experience and even shocking. They saw the newscast and said they can not stay in their hotel. I showed them that I driving in Britain, but they said I can not stay there, because they are from Romania. There were other customers behind me and then I felt ashamed and I do not want to feel embarrassed by my country. I did not believe it, so I left immediately, “says Alecsandra.

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‘Holiday Inn Express turned me away because I am Romanian’ | Hull …

Jul 22, 2015 This is about the numpty hotel and a highly respectable Romanian graduate who has been grossly insulted by a member of staff at the hotel …

Young learned that he was suspected of prostitution only after he went to the police to lodge a complaint against the hotel. She says it is not normal for people to be labeled only on the basis of their nationality.

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