Romanian objective gets Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor

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Skyline of Făgăraș

Fagaras Fortress recently received the certificate of excellence in tourism from travel website TripAdvisor, after last year it was considered the second most beautiful castle in the world, surpassed by Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, romantic-Renaissance style, according to a ranking conducted by Hopper, a site dedicated to travel planning and presented the publication Huffington Post.


Certificate of Excellence | TripAdvisor Insights

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“It is indeed a great honor for us. I think tourists who wrote travel website TripAdvisor, the second most accessed after Facebook, opinions only and excellence were well pleased with what they saw at Fagaras Fortress. Of the 85 rooms of the Castle can be visited now 40, and next week and the Throne Room will be opened on Friday, after being rehabilitated several months and was removed from the tourist circuit. The rest City Library premises, offices and warehouses obietivului heritage tourism that is not visiting, “said Agerpres Fagaras Fortress director, Elena Bejenaru.

Built in the late fifteenth century Renaissance-style Great Hall of the Throne crossed centuries and gave Fagaras Fortress meaning a grandiose edifice, respected and admired by generations of rulers, princes or passenger.

In this impressive hall, called the documents and the Grand Palace, received messages of Romanian and Moldovan country, the great hetman of Poland, or the Gate. Here and hosted the Transylvanian Diet messengers were received France’s King Louis XIV of Austrian Emperor Leopold I and King of Poland and accepted Diploma Leopold, who served as the Constitution of Transylvania, to 1848. Between 1948-1960, the Throne Room was communist prison. Since then, for half a century, leaving a degraded room closed, almost forgotten. Now after restoration, which means one side Throne Hall Fagaras Fortress and retain architectural elements of the eighteenth century will be played next week tourist circuit, and inside it will be organized national and international conferences, say representatives of the historical monument.

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“Fagaras Fortress is one of the largest and best preserved fortresses in Europe feudal castle was passed Est.În pivot regional power. During the eighteenth century the city was extended, reflecting the richness of the place”, according to the publication The Huffington Post .

Located in the middle of Fagaras Fortress was visited by 55,000 tourists last year, of which 30% foreign tourists, said Elena director Fagaras Fortress Bejenaru, who added that the tour of the entire building, tourist takes about two hours.

Tourists visiting this goal and have the audio-guides guides available in Romanian, English, French, German and Hungarian. On defense moat around the castle can be seen 10 white and black swans, and wild ducks. Fagaras Fortress visitation program is from Tuesday to Friday from 8.00 to 19.00 and 10.00 to 18.00 on Saturday and Sunday between. The ticket costs 15 lei lei for adults and seven children, students and pensioners, writes Agerpres.

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