Secret of chocolates on hotel cushions

hotel cushionsAnyone who was lucky to be accommodated in a good hotel enjoyed probably the ritual candy on the pillow.
Mint, chocolate mint or chocolate, sweet surprise on freshly cleaned laundry is a nice gesture from the hotel owners, who at least has a story interesting.

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Hoteliers habit of leaving a candy mint, chocolate mint or chocolate on pillows new customers have started long ago, according to the newspaper “The Huffington Post“. In fact, the gesture became popular in the 50s and inspired person is none other than actor Cary Grant (pictured). It all started when he stayed at the luxurious Mayfair in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. It was, moreover, a frequent guest. Once during the marriage to third wife, actress Betsy Drake, Grant made his appearance at the hotel with one of his mistresses. According to the story, the woman came in one evening before the actor’s apartment where they drank lovemaking, where he discovered an alley “drawn” with chocolates, which began in the living room and continue in the bedroom, on pillows.
The hotel manager learned alley chocolate, most likely because the hotel staff handled the purchase of chocolates and their settlement. Husband liked the idea so much that it began to welcome guests with chocolates placed on pillows in the bedroom. Hundreds of hotels have adopted then the gesture, although hotel Mayfeir gave up after a few years. When it was sold and transformed into Hotel Mangolia St. Louis in August last year, the tradition was resumed
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