She did not want to give up on her cognac while boarding the flight

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remy martinA Chinese fleeting, that airport security officers in Beijing did not let her board with a bottle of expensive cognac, did not want to waste precious liquor and decided to drink entirely. But after drinking the contents, the passenger got drunk so bad that he could not take the plane.

Louis XIII de Rémy Martin

Louis XIII de Rémy Martin is a cognac produced by Rémy Martin. Sometimes incorrectly pronounced [Loo-ee Tray] in English it is [Loo-ee Trhezz] Treize

The woman named Zhao, carry a bottle of French cognac Rémy Martin $ 200 in hand luggage. When he arrived at the checkpoint and in the manner that respects all airports in the world, it was informed that it can not hold glass in the boarding area and must leave there.

Zhao, aged 40, decided not to give up precious glass – which apparently bought from an airport in the US – and drank it in place. A few minutes later he found airport staff knocked down, crying and yelling.

“He was so drunk he could not stand up, so I put her in a wheelchair to rest,” said one of the policemen who took care of the woman.

Following this incident, the captain of the plane that was to carry out a race between Beijing and Wenzhou city refused to pick a woman for fear of affecting the safety of other passengers.

Zhao woke up a few hours later, thanked the police that took care of it and got in touch with members of his family who took her home, inform Agerpres.



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