Shower with vitamin C, the last trend in hotels in America


shower with vitamin c

Hoteliers do not know what to do to attract more customers. That is, newer facilities such as showers occurred with vitamin C, aromatherapy, air purification and hypoallergenic beds.


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Rooms in hotels offering wellness facilities arouse great interest among customers, but usually they can be purchased at very high prices, customers often receive different gifts of the reservation, such as tickets to an artist like Tayor Swift writes Forbes. com . One of the most unusual and quirky such facilities, which won huge popularity, is the shower with vitamin C, Stay Well rooms offered. It seems that vitamin C neutralizes chlorine, which is used to treat water, which is removed in the form of gas, with a greenish-yellow color and odor irritating, pungent. The novelty shower uses special filters to eliminate Vitamin C is an antioxidant that reduces its dryness and aging skin.


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Among the facilities that hoteliers longer provide customers include circadian lighting (red light which helps to increase blue light that stimulates sleep and melatonin), aromatherapy, air purification and hypoallergenic foam beds natural. MGM Grand Las Vegas was the first hotel in the United States that has implemented this technology is quite shocking, given that hoteliers Vegas want, normally guests to stay all night gambling, not sleep. To everyone’s surprise, MGM Grand has seen great success after implementing the program throughout the 14th floor.

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