Story of the biker who traveled through Europe with empty pockets

biker who traveled

For a year and a half, Victor Perdevară never felt the notion of “home”. He traveled throughout Europe in cycling. Adventures that he gathered in his journey will take the form of a book, which after launch will be followed by another trip.

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In Hungary was three weeks, after which arrived in Croatia where he spent one month, while Bosnia and Herzegovina where he stayed a month and a half, and Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia were completed in about three weeks.

Victor has spent three months in Greece, a month and a half in Turkey, Cyprus 5 months, two months in Italy, a month and a half in Switzerland, five months in France, Luxembourg and Germany traveled and stayed a month in Belgium. Donations were those who made this trip possible. In addition to donations, Victor has done various jobs in order to “pay” accommodation and food. Foreigners have seen very good journey, which is why many were more than generous and supported him with free accommodation and meals with various amounts of money.

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