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Find a travel buddy with ease and make solo traveling even better

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Traveling solo as a woman has so many advantages. You can go where you wish, keep to your own schedule and spend some times really getting to know yourself. At times, though, you feel the need to connect with other people during your trip. What do you do if you want to preserve your status as a solo traveler without getting lonely? Find travel buddy of course!

Meeting like minded people is so simple

Women who like to travel solo have so many qualities in common. For one thing, they tend to all like their own company, and to have a love of life and adventure and an insatiable curiosity about the world. As such, it’s pretty clear that solo women travelers are very likely to get on with each other. So, connecting with other solo female travelers is a fantastic way to meet up with fun people who think the same way as you when you are on the road. At the same time, you know that you do not need to spend all of your time together, as you are not holidaying ‘together’, just meeting up on the way. You preserve your status of being free spirits, occasionally traveling alongside each other but retaining your autonomy and your ability to head off in your own direction and enjoy your own company once more when the meeting is over.

Travel safety and precautions

Having a support network around you also makes traveling much safer, especially when you are exploring a new country solo. Using an app to find other solo female travelers means that you have people that you can call on to accompany you on bus journeys, hikes and more if you need to. At the same time, you can share stories and anecdotes, swap tips and perhaps even make some true friends for life. The perfect mix of usefulness and enjoyment!

Greeks want to put higher entrance fees to the most important sights

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greek sightsThe Greek government‘s attempts to cover the huge debt of the country will be felt next year in the pockets of tourists eager to visit historical and cultural interest objectives in Greece. The price of tickets may be 2016, and four times higher than they are today.

Mainland Greece’s top stops

Mycenae is the ruined capital of a civilization that was as mysterious to Socrates and Plato as those guys are to us … a thousand years older than the Acropolis and other Golden Age Greek sights. Its fine museum tells the story. Nearby Epidavros has

The price of a ticket to the Acropolis could, in this case, to rise from 12 euros to around 48 euros, a huge sum. By comparison, a ticket to visit the Tower of London is 33 euros and 16 euros for the Eiffel Tower. Representatives leftist Greek government described current ticket prices as “unacceptably low”, given that 10,000 tourists visit the Acropolis every day in high season. The new tariffs will come into force probably in April next year, and will be available until November, because the rest of the months to apply a 50% discount on the ticket price. It is expected to double fees in other ancient sites in Greece, which together attract 26 million tourists each year. On the other hand, representatives of travel agencies in Greece fear that this increase in prices will scare away tourists and tourism revenues will decrease. “Raising taxes on all goods and tourism services, as well as the announced price increases for museums and archaeological sites will make the travel packages are no longer competitive,” said Lysandros Tsilidis, president of the Federation travel agents in Greece, told Daily Mail.


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