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Cities covered in floating aromas like beer and chocolate, or cinnamon soap

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English: This is a skyline shot of Lansing, Mi...

Each city with his scent. Here is a top of the most interesting spices existing in different cities of the world have already become characteristic odor respective city.

Wine Producer : Domaine Christophe NEWMAN – Côte de Beaune

… jam / Palate : finely woven silky texture belies the density of this wine – a truly ethereal equilibrium with a tumbling vortex of floating aromas on the finish

Bristol City residents complain that the smell of vinegar invaded the region after the board began to use it as an alternative for weed eradication. Taking inspiration from this reality, the newspaper The Telegraph has done a survey of cities where certain scents have become an emblem. Nestle Rowntree factory, located just a few miles from downtown, makes the British city of York to smell like sweet chocolate depending on the intensity and direction of the wind. Scottish capital Edinburgh smells like beer. The reason is the large number of breweries and distilleries in the area, which led to certain conflicts of interest, North British Distillery in 2009 the city was required to suppress the smell by installing towers “odor control”.


Chocolate Hills, mysterious landscape that should be on anyone’s list of travel

Mount Mayon, Turtle Islands, Chocolate Hills up for inclusion on Unesco list A number of natural heritage sites in the country made it to the recently updated World Heritage Tentative List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco). Aside from the newly listed Mayon Volcano in Albay and …
Cincinnati smells of soap from the soap factory and scented candles Procter & Gamble plant on the outskirts of this city in the US state of Ohio. Moroccan city of Fez, home to the oldest tannery in the world, has the characteristic smell of animal skins, due to the fact that it is famous for the production of leather objects.

US city of Lansing, Michigan State, smells of paint, jewels coming from GM Grand River assembly plant. Clearly, not all residents are happy with the smell, with some describing it as moldy. Mumbai smells of palm oil and cinnamon. Chandler Burr, a journalist, writer and curator American, known worldwide as an expert in flavors, the smell of Mumbai labeled as “one of the most intense and rewarding experiences on earth smell”. “It’s salty smell of the ocean mixed with the decaying tropical air conditioning and palm oil. And it’s about India, nose feels so any spice flavor possible. ”


Don DeLillo: the terror of Sept 11 | Books | The Guardian

Jan 22, 2014 move quietly in the floating aromas of candlewax, roses and bus fumes. There are many people this mild evening and in their voices, manner, …


Mombasa smells of hot sun tile used for the completion of many buildings and statues, smell that permeates the Kenyan city especially during the summer when it rains.

11 habits in Japan they take foreign tourists by surprise

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japan habitsJapan has a really special culture dominated by a very strict code label. There are some ways to eat noodles and gifts can not be accepted anyway. These rules must be respected, because, otherwise, the host will feel insulted.

Japanese People: Manners and Habits | Japan

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Business Insider analyzed 11 of these Japanese traditions, which can be intimidating for tourists.

Number 4 must be avoided at all costs

 In Japan, the number four is avoided because it means death. As the number 13 is a superstition to Westerners, Number 4 “brings bad luck” Japanese. The participants must avoid providing gifts in a set composed of 4 items, for example, in order not to provoke an unwanted reaction. The elevators sometimes omit the 4th floor where extreme floors 40-49. Number 49 is especially unfortunate, according to Japanese tradition, resonating with “pain until death”. Habit related to “tetrafobie” fear of the number 4 very common in Asian countries.

Those who blew her nose in public is not seen with good eyes

Those who blew her nose in public is considered disgusting. In Japan, the cool must seek a secluded place, where to blow their nose. The Japanese are even bothered by the idea of ​​using a handkerchief.

Tipping is why insult

Tipping is a serious insult to the Japanese. Usually receiving a tip waiters chasing customers to return their money. Instead tip, customers can leave a symbolic gift.

Those who eat on the street are considered rude

In the West, those who eat on the street are not judged so harshly as in Japan. Many Japanese do not support the idea that a person to eat in the open, on the street or in a wagon train. There are exceptions to the rule, such as eating ice cream, which was accepted.

In Japan, there are employees who they flock to travel in the metro

Oshiya wear uniforms, gloves and hats, acting to push the passenger in the subway. They are paid to ensure that everyone got into the train and no one is trapped between the doors.

In trains, sleeping with his head on Japanese fellow travelers

If he falls asleep with his head on a Japanese tourist, it must accept the situation. The Japanese long-distance commuters and fatigue knock him on his way home.

The toilet, it comes with slippers

Those who walk in a Japanese house should wear slippers. The same is true for museums, art galleries and toilets.

When you pass the threshold of a Japanese, do not forget to come with a gift!

It is an honor to be invited into the home of a Japanese Musa and must bring a gift. It will be wrapped as beautiful with many colorful ribbons. Also, guests should not refuse a gift from the host.

Those who pour themselves into the glass are considered uneducated

In Japan, those who pour their own drinks in glass are not seen with good eyes. If a visitor fills the cup other, the host will see that it has an empty glass and fill it in turn. Before a drink, guests must salute traditional “Kanpai” (“Cheers“!).

Those who sip noodles are appreciated because it shows that they enjoyed the meal

Those who sip noodles in bowl are appreciated by the Japanese, because it shows that they loved eating.

The rooms the size of a “coffin” are very popular in Japan

-Capsule hotels are cheap and the concept began to be adopted by other countries. A bed costs $ 65 per night, but the rooms are not recommended for those suffering from claustrophobia.

Eating Habits in Japan | Eating Habits

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