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Danube Delta in the top of sight to see in 2018!

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Bank of Denube in its Delta.

Photo enthusiasts, nature lovers, relaxing seniors or tourists looking for adventure, the Danube Delta is a true paradise for anyone here. Part of UNESCO World Heritage and declared Biosphere Reserve, the Danube Delta is the home of over 5,000 rare living creatures, making it the world’s third most important ecological place. Special Offers for Holidays in the Danube Delta Take advantage of the last few days with up to 45% discount on Gulliver Delta Resort 3 * vacation and reserve a stay in the Danube Delta for 2018. The hotel complex arranged in harmony with nature has an excellent position at the meeting place between the arm Sf. Gheorghe and the Uzlina canal, only 10 minutes away from Murighiol. Thanks to the excellent accommodation facilities at Gulliver Delta Resort 3 * you do not have time to get bored. During the summer season, you can cool down to the generous pool, fishing from the pontoons, relax in the lush garden with hammocks or embark on optional boat trips. If you want to discover more habits of the place, you can participate in the Lipovian party held by a local ensemble of Lipovan dancers, with good music and Dobrogea snacks.



Holidays among water lilies, oaks, dinghy and pelicans in Danube Delta

The most beautiful places in the Danube Delta. In the Danube Delta the best soup you eat fish, you can stroll among the lilies and crowded channels you admire pelicans and blue and white boxes with lotcă the gate. Truth you the most beautiful places worth to visit the Danube Delta.   …

The most picturesque places in the reservation Discover the Danube Delta with the optional Gulliver Delta Resort 3 * excursions. Start with the boat on the lacy lakes of vegetation and the mosaic canals with water lilies and lotuses. Observe birds in inspirational birdwatching sessions or enjoy lebanese dishes such as borscht, saucer or brine, at a campfire on the Danube. Explore Letea – the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe, is the only place in the country where horses still live in the wild. Here you have the unique chance to observe wild orchid plantations, huge sand dunes or Greek creeks hanging from the trunks of secular trees. Relaxation can be found very easily in the Danube Delta, especially if you choose a beach escape in Sulina. The former capital of the pirates is the meeting place between the Black Sea and the Danube, and here lies the widest beach in the country with very fine white sand. If you are passionate about history, you can opt for optional minibus trips to Istria and Enisala medieval fortresses at Martirion de Niculiţel – the only place in the world where the relics of six Christian martyrs or Celic Dere, Saon and Cocos Monasteries .


Managed to cross the Black Sea in 11 days, 6 hours and 1 minutes!

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the black sea



Bad weather has hit since starting on June 16. A heavy storm ponit even when fishing operations and have lost brig that would have to accompany them for a short period. Waves over 6 meters, wind and rain gave them much hassle, but not scared and boat “Maria”, bought 100,000 pounds in Britain, resisted successfully. “The sailing we have seen and have thought that we returned to port because of the storm. The Black Sea has its specific at times the waves hit you from all sides and always come in pairs. The first it’s unbalanced, and the second you push to one side, there is a risk of overturning . waves falling continuously over us while paddling and I was soaked to the skin. Some were so high that just passed over us and crashing the other side of the boat. we were afraid a little, but we realized that due to the subdivision and ballast, the boat is indestructible nerăsturnabilă and unsinkable. I was however forced to stay at anchor for hours and I lost some time ” Alex says Grove.

The storm left marks and damage autopilot and thus helm. “We were prepared and changed autopilot because it is impossible to go without it in a storm, he adjusts the rudder and direction. He crossed the Atlantic with the rudder and is a wonder that it took so . I had two spare and replaced autopilot “explains Vasile Oşean. Storm coincided with the climax of malaise big five teeth clenching to continue epic.

Sun has appeared only on the fifth day and confidence has reached its peak.Something difficult past, so that they begin to administrative duties. “I put the clothes to dry, because almost all were wet, I arranged the food in the warehouse, we made minor repairs,” says “youngest” Ionuţ Olteanu. Get rid of the storm, they came and sunny with high temperatures over 30 degrees, and the total lack of wind.

“You could not stay more than one quarter of an hour without drinking water. We tanning bad, some boys even chose burns. In addition, the water was very smooth and we hold advance. We fought and with blisters are hands because rowing, but we managed to keep them under control with alcohol. on June 24, was headwind and we realized that any effort is in vain, so I sat at anchor for 6-7 hours. I took a bath in the sea and we relaxed, “recalls Alex Dumbravă.

He brought sunshine and dolphins around the boat, the lovely mammals and every day greeting the five intrepid. Last day flowed smoothly to the end point of the journey, the Georgian port of Batumi, where they appeared at 9:01 p.m. local time, was greeted by some of the families and friends, come mainly from Romania.

” It was exactly what we wanted. In difficult times, to prepare us to cross the Atlantic, but not so difficult that we stop road. We missed home land, but I tried not to think too much, and messages of encouragement coming from the country gave us more power, “adds Andrei Roşu.

The storm left marks and damage autopilot and thus helm. “We were prepared and changed autopilot because it is impossible to go without it in a storm, he adjusts the rudder and direction. He crossed the Atlantic with the rudder and is a wonder that it took so . I had two spare and replaced autopilot “explains Vasile Oşean. Storm coincided with the climax of malaise big five teeth clenching to continue epic.

Received as heroes

After celebrating success, the five climbed ashore and experienced evil strange land. “We were elated, and we decided to get fast boat in the sea, but we realized that we hardly keep on his feet. After more than 11 days at sea, wriggle and we struggled not to fall . We sat and I let others handle these things, “says Marius Alexe.

Romanian crew was received warmly Georgians who expedited customs clearance, so surfers to quickly get to the hotel to rest. “They behaved great and we want to thank to! Just that used to be very active on the boat where two o’clock paddling, then two pauses, we did not get any sleep the first day. I was walking like zombie in town, “laughs Alex Dumbravă.

The next day, the five were visited by the President of Georgian Federation of Rowing and were organized city tour.


In mid-December, four of them will participate in the ship “Maria” Atlantic Challenge, a contest that will run from the tiny island of La Gomera, the archipelago of the Canaries, and Antigua, another island located in the Caribbean, average crossing are 60 days. During the race, none of the participating teams not receiving external support and must deal with initial supplies of drinking water and food.

“I checked many of the challenges that we give chest and cross the Atlantic. I saw how well lead boat, we walked to adjustments smoother and felt that we were very used all courses and training started since last year “explains Alex Dumbravă.

“In 11 days I had all kinds of weather as the Atlantic will happen,” adds Andrei Roşu. Race is a charitable, squeezing the funds for environment, health, natural disasters or underprivileged children. The first Romanian team entered in the race’s mission is to raise funds for Hope House Hospice, which began developing a socio-medical campus in Adunatii Copaceni for children diagnosed with rare diseases or life-limiting.

Meeting with “Uranus

On the way, the little boat “Maria” intersected with heavy ships, the closest passing Russian ship named “Uranus”. “As many trade routes in this area, I met many ships. In the early days, in full storm passed very close to us and for a moment we were afraid lest they hit us . Our boat is quite small and difficult to see on such a time. finally, I got out well, “reveals Andrei Roşu.


The effort during the expedition meant many kilos less for the five members of the expedition. “The more weakened Andrew, 6 kg, and the rest got out 4 to 5 kg. Since the storm, the first two days did not really have a chance to eat . Then I turned to conventional food on board, canned, dried fruit. Not until he finally experienced food and adventure, the kind of food used by soldiers on mission in Iraq or Afghanistan, “says Alex Dumbravă.



The most beautiful vacation spot in every country in the European Union

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vacation spotsHave you ever wondered what places to visit in Europe, but did not manage to decide? The following list may help you.

Big movie locations make memorable vacation spots …

From the Mediterranean Sea to the streets of Compton, actors travel near and far to film their movies. But which spots do they enjoy most? Theresa O’Leary of ‘Movie Trip’ Chats with the Stars of this summer’s biggest …

Business Insider has made ​​a list of the most beautiful vacation spots in the beautiful Europe, including one seat in each EU country.

Place of publication is known especially Romania Danube Delta. The Danube River flows from Germany and flows into the Black Sea, and the crossing Romania is incredibly beautiful. Delta is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, over 300 species of birds can be seen here.

Alpbach has been voted the most beautiful village in Austria. Green fields in the area were filming location for the Sound of Music, and in winter, the hills are even more alive than ever thanks to the ski slopes.

Fields of Flanders, Belgium, is known since many poppies that occurred on former battlefields of World War I.

Seven Rila lakes, Bulgaria, is a tourist destination not to be missed. They are located at 8,200 meters above sea level in the north-west of the country.

Town Dubrovnik in Croatia is known lately especially because some of the series Game of Thrones scenes are filmed there.

Stone Aphrodite in Cyprus, according to Greek mythology, would be known where the goddess would be born.

Fascinating landscapes and vineyards in Moravia, Czech Republic, seem to stretch endlessly.

Skagen is where artists and bohemians people come for inspiration in Denmark for many years.Not surprisingly, given the stunning scenery and crystal blue waters.

Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, is one of the few destinations in the world where medieval and modern influences blend well with the glass skyscrapers and ancient towers.

Järvi-Suomi, Finland or the region that hosts the largest number of lakes, is one of the most spectacular locations, the largest of its kind in the area throughout Europe.

Giverny is one of the locations that inspired some of the most famous works by Claude Monnet.Impressionism birthplace is as impressive today as watercolor.

Bavarian Alps in Germany with dense fir forests, rural pastures and high mountains are known for the beauty of the landscapes.

It is impossible not to fall in love with Santorini. Natural beauty, colorful rocks and blue waters and Cycladic architecture transforms location in one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Lake Balaton in Hungary is the largest and deepest in Europe.

Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, seen in Harry Potter, the story File or one of the videos Maroon 5, is one of the places we should visit at least once in life.

Venice, the famous Italian city, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Rapid Venta, Latvia, is one of the shortest widest waterfall in Europe.

Wild forests, sand dunes and ocean unite the Curonian Isthmus, instead of separating the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea.

A walk along the Chemin de la Corniche, a path paved surroundings of height, offering a superb view over the valley of the river Alzette in Luxembourg.

Dwerja Gulf of Malta is known mainly for erosion forming an arc between sea and sky blue window.

Keukenhof in the Netherlands is one of the largest flower gardens, encompassing more than seven million allele, daffodils, hyacinths and more
Zakopane, winter capital of Poland, is one of those places that comes to life after snowing.
Sintra, Portugal, is called Disneyland for adults, due to the large number of castles.
Tatra Mountains in Slovakia offers spectacular views, representing the highest Carpathian mountain chain.
The most popular vacation spot is the mountain resort of Bled in Slovenia, located in the Julian Alps and Karawanken tunnel.
The smaller neighbor of Ibiza, Formentera, Spain, is one of the most peaceful and relaxing places in Europe.
The first Marine National Park in Sweden, Kosterhavet offers magnificent scenery that you can not fall in love.

20 ‘most-pinned’ vacation spots on Pinterest

20 ‘most-pinned’ vacation spots on Pinterest. POSTED: 11:38 AM CDT Oct 14, 2015 UPDATED: 11:41 AM CDT Oct 14, 2015. Small Text; Medium Text; Large Text. Print. Planning a vacation but not quite sure where you want to go? Check out Pinterest’s newly …
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