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Danube Delta

Danube Delta in the top of sight to see in 2018!

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Bank of Denube in its Delta.

Photo enthusiasts, nature lovers, relaxing seniors or tourists looking for adventure, the Danube Delta is a true paradise for anyone here. Part of UNESCO World Heritage and declared Biosphere Reserve, the Danube Delta is the home of over 5,000 rare living creatures, making it the world’s third most important ecological place. Special Offers for Holidays in the Danube Delta Take advantage of the last few days with up to 45% discount on Gulliver Delta Resort 3 * vacation and reserve a stay in the Danube Delta for 2018. The hotel complex arranged in harmony with nature has an excellent position at the meeting place between the arm Sf. Gheorghe and the Uzlina canal, only 10 minutes away from Murighiol. Thanks to the excellent accommodation facilities at Gulliver Delta Resort 3 * you do not have time to get bored. During the summer season, you can cool down to the generous pool, fishing from the pontoons, relax in the lush garden with hammocks or embark on optional boat trips. If you want to discover more habits of the place, you can participate in the Lipovian party held by a local ensemble of Lipovan dancers, with good music and Dobrogea snacks.



Holidays among water lilies, oaks, dinghy and pelicans in Danube Delta

The most beautiful places in the Danube Delta. In the Danube Delta the best soup you eat fish, you can stroll among the lilies and crowded channels you admire pelicans and blue and white boxes with lotcă the gate. Truth you the most beautiful places worth to visit the Danube Delta.   …

The most picturesque places in the reservation Discover the Danube Delta with the optional Gulliver Delta Resort 3 * excursions. Start with the boat on the lacy lakes of vegetation and the mosaic canals with water lilies and lotuses. Observe birds in inspirational birdwatching sessions or enjoy lebanese dishes such as borscht, saucer or brine, at a campfire on the Danube. Explore Letea – the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe, is the only place in the country where horses still live in the wild. Here you have the unique chance to observe wild orchid plantations, huge sand dunes or Greek creeks hanging from the trunks of secular trees. Relaxation can be found very easily in the Danube Delta, especially if you choose a beach escape in Sulina. The former capital of the pirates is the meeting place between the Black Sea and the Danube, and here lies the widest beach in the country with very fine white sand. If you are passionate about history, you can opt for optional minibus trips to Istria and Enisala medieval fortresses at Martirion de Niculiţel – the only place in the world where the relics of six Christian martyrs or Celic Dere, Saon and Cocos Monasteries .


Top 30 most beautiful destinations in Romania

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Stavropoleos Church, built in Bucharest by Nic...

Many different places, from parks to castles, art galleries or even a shopping mall are in the top 30 destinations of Romania recommended the site tripadvisor.com, the most popular platform worldwide travel.

The first 30 goals of the “Top things to do in Romania” are, according to tripadvisor.com , the following: Art Gallery of Sighisoara “Art & Crafts is a local art gallery with hundred percent handcrafted products. There are two important locations, one is located the basement gallery “House of the Rock” in the main city square, is one of the most important buildings in Sighisoara Casa Vlad Dracul “show tripadvisor.com. Fortress Alba Iulia “No other city in Transylvania have gathered together so many crucial moments and symbols. With thousands of years of history, Alba Iulia is a charming mirror in which each of the ethnic groups may ultimately vigor and traditions of yesteryear. Heart of the City is the city of Alba Carolina, the most representative bastion fortress in Romania and South-East Europe “shows portal.

Peles Castle “This nineteenth-century castle was built by King Carol I and is considered one of the most beautiful castles of Europe,” writes TripAdvisor. Piata Mare in Sibiu “Great Square is located in the historic center of Sibiu, which are also important historical monuments, many of them part of UNESCO”, writes the portal. Suceviţa Monastery “Sixteenth-century painted monastery boasts thousands of images painted on a background in shades of green,” writes TripAdvisor.

Serbia and Some of Beautiful Destinations – Cloud Mind

Serbia is a country on southeast Europe’s Balkan peninsula with vast northern plateaus and mountains with ski resorts to the south. Capital city Belgrade is home to Communist-era architecture and Kalemegdan Park, site of an ancient fortress …

Stavropoleos Church in Bucharest “Built in 1724, this beautiful church is one of the oldest in Bucharest”, writes the portal. Danube Delta “A vast area with excellent locations where you can admire the birds. Water channels, lagoons, reed, without roads, bridges or cars. Use a rented boat to get to the most beautiful places, “writes one portal users. Voronet Monastery “This painted monastery inhabited by nuns, is often called the Sistine Chapel of the East”, writes the portal. Memorial to the Victims of Communism and the Resistance in Sighet “I spent a few hours in the museum with our guide. He explained what each room was used, and told us of his memories of the communist era. The period spent in this museum filled with many details was sober and memorable, “writes an American tourist on TripAdvisor.

The most beautiful travel destinations in Greece

English: Lindos, Island of Rhodes, Greece. Français : Lindos, île de Rhodes, Grèce. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The most beautiful travel destinations in Greece include both capital Athens, which abounds in historical sights, but also famous Greek islands of Rhodes, Mykonos, Santorini and Crete.  Whether we think of the islands or the …

Car Collection Tiriac Otopeni “A unique collection of cars from 1899 to 2014 and continuously updated,” writes TripAdvisor. Council Square in Brasov “A great place to visit, beautiful streets and shops, pleasant to stroll, cafes state. You can buy bagels and eat excellent cakes like vanilla cremşnitul or profiteroles with chocolate pastry at one of the street to shop instead, “wrote one user on the portal. Merry Cemetery in Sapanta “A fascinating collection of unique wooden crosses that immortalize details about the dead,” notes portal. Salina Turda “A little cold but very beautiful experience. If you get there take warm clothes with you because depth is quite high. They can practice various activities is a place for families with children. Too many stairs for the elderly. And a line of public transport in other cities surprisingly good. Have fun, “writes one of the users on the portal.

Top travel destinations in Turkey for Qurban Bayram

As the nine-day-long vacation to celebrate Qurban Bayram (Feast of Sacrifice), also known as Eid al-Adha, has arrived, many Turks are heading to their hometowns to visit relatives (a bayram tradition) or to the southern provinces or abroad to enjoy the …

Old fashioned Cocktail Bar in Constanta “Cocktails are easy to do, but you need talent and passion to create a unique flavor according to your personality, the way you feel and even your figure. Find friendly atmosphere and good music here among people and amazing bartenders. I really liked it here, “writes one of the portal’s users. Corvin Castle in Hunedoara “If you want to know as a castle in different moments of history, this is the best place to see these things. It’s really a castle where you can visit every place where interior and perfect explanations for each of the objectives. If you have the opportunity to come here, we should do it, “writes one of the portal’s users.

National Geographic recommends a region in Romania as the perfect destination for 2015

Maramures was included among the 20 most beautiful destinations to visit in 2015 recommended by the American magazine National Geographic Traveler. National Geographic Traveler recently conducted a top 20 most beautiful places to visit in the new year, it is presented and a tourist destination in Romania, Maramures respectively, according travel.nationalgeographic.com. Maramures …

Serve Wine of Ceptura “I was here in the afternoon with some friends to see the place and to taste wines. A memorable experience, we liked very much. I also saw some of the vineyards where the wines are made. The tasting took place in a nearby house, surrounded by a beautiful garden. Our host well documented and very friendly helped us to have a wonderful afternoon. And I understand that there are many other options for a whole weekend, options that we will return to test them, “writes one of the portal’s users. Poenari Castle Pitesti “The castle was built by order of Vlad the Impaler, the XIV century, and is next to Arefu, about 30 minutes drive approach of Curtea de Arges. Once at Arefu, climb 1,480 stairs to see the castle ruins and stunning views. Climbing is not easy but not impossible. I recommend comfortable shoes, a water bottle and possibly something sweet to make the climb easier. The ticket costs 5 lei per person, “writes one of the portal’s users. The Vaser Valley Mocăniţa “There are about six carriages pulled by a steam locomotive. If there are more passengers who have reserved a place, a second train will depart 20 minutes after the first so that everyone will enjoy this amazing journey. The ride takes about 6 hours, half past one pause on the line. One can buy food at the end point but the prices are quite high so a packet home would be a good idea, “writes one of the portal’s users.

7 Lesser-Known But Extremely Beautiful Destinations You …

Planning a low-budget holiday this season? Do not miss out on yet to be explored scenic beauty destinations in India. Take a look!

Orthodox Cathedral in Timisoara “It’s one of the places that we should see every tourist who arrives in Timisoara. It’s one of the city’s landmarks. Unfortunately, unless you’re part of a group of tourists with a guide, you will not learn much about the history and importance, “writes one of the portal’s users. Footprints of Joy in Cernavoda Footprins of Joy is a project created by international animal protection association “Save the dogs and other animals.” The location includes a modern shelter for dogs and horses and donkeys for space, “notes portal. Fortified church of Viscri “Fortified Churches like this are something specific to this part of Romania. This old church offers a splendid view of the area and has a small museum with ancient artifacts, “writes one of portal users, a tourist from England.

Romanescu Park in Craiova “I came to America Craiova other business, but I heard about this park. There are landscape photographer, I saw some pictures of this park and I was impressed. It is huge, classy and well-maintained, I intend to come back, “writes one of the portal’s users. Moon Church in Oradea “Very beautiful and very interesting paintings and wooden sculptures inside. It has a beautiful architecture, “writes one of the portal’s users. Palas Iasi “It’s so great! And Iasi is a new and clean city. Many students but I was afraid in traffic. Next time I come with family and friends. Great city, “writes one sin portal users. Gorge Gorge “Every time I come here alone or with groups, stop the car and go to walk. It does not involve much effort, and the scenery is amazing. When I come here I feel simply free, “writes one of the users of the portal.

Here Are 15 Beautiful Destinations Celebrities Actually …

Kim Kardashian goes paddle boarding during the week in Mexico, and Rihanna spends her days riding jet-skis while Carrie Underwood is poolside in the Bahamas. Here are 15 of the beautiful destinations celebs vacation in.

Curtea de Arges “It is famous for the legend of master Manole and is one of the most beautiful monasteries. It is surrounded by a beautiful park, “writes one of the portal’s users. Fortified Church Prejmer “It’s great that this place was amazing so well restored and preserved. Do not miss the chance to see. What I liked is that unlike other fortified churches it was designed to protect not only the leaders but the entire community, and therefore every family has its own room with the same number as the house of the village. If you can climb to see the landscape from above rooms and worthwhile “writes one of the portal’s users. Botanical Garden in Cluj-Napoca “A very beautiful garden in the heart of the city. Very cheap ticket, we spent wandering 3:00 us and we had a great time and a half for just £ 2 ticket. Beautiful park, nice city, “writes one of the portal’s users. Sarmizegetusa “Many see if you are interested in archeology. Do not go in summer when it’s hot and wet, “writes one user.

Mud Volcanoes at Berca “It’s different from anything you’ve seen before. Lovely experience and great time here, but without toilets in the area, “writes one of the portal’s users.

France’s most beautiful destinations

(CNN) Ah France: There’s a reason why nearly 85 million travelers a year vote with their passports to make this country the world’s most popular destination. It’s clearly not the indifferent attitudes of some in the French service industry towards

Constanta, preferred destinations for tourists

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visit constantaThe situation in Russia and Ukraine stands for the second consecutive year passenger vessel traffic in the Port of Constanta. After revenue rose, the people of Romanian tourism is struggling to obtain a formal title – the most attractive Black Sea port.

River cruise vessel area was the one who opened the 2015 season this week ship is not great, but almost every month brings German and American tourists on the Danube to Constanta. River dock area there seven times until August. Tourists climb on board were part of restaurant, bar, Internet connection, gym, cabins with bathroom and numerous amenities. But Americans or Germans not to stay on board ship, but to reach the various ports as and Constanţa. This is based on travel agencies when making calculations for the large number of visitors come by way of water. In 2015 are expected to reach the port of Constanta more than 70,000 tourists.

Constanta will become a cultural port for tourists

Tourists from around the world will come to see the ancient cities of Dobrogea, thanks Limen Project – “Cultural Ports Aegean to the Black Sea“. Approximately 100 guests, partners in the project, will discover the cultural richness of the area. Archaeologist Constantin Chera said that the European project aims to …

People who come into a port are people who will leave money in the town, and the amounts exceed the average of 150 euro / person. Many cruise ships will arrive in Constanta went, until three years ago, in Odessa or in Russia. Now all those ports are avoided by large companies managing ships. In addition, no Russian or Ukrainian tourists have no money or fancy cruises. Therefore, the Bulgarian seaside, which relied heavily on visitors from those countries suffers. Reservations for 2015 declined. A vessel as River area remains in Constanta for 24 hours, enough time for tourists to see the city and even to reach Bucharest and the Danube Delta. Shore trips are those that generate revenue and higher authorities.

Most tourists prefer to see fewer spenders ruin Casino, take a walk through the market and then to eat in a restaurant in the city center. The Germans are particularly interested in the Danube Delta. For them, a day trip in Tulcea County is more important than walking through Constanta, so leave the ship immediately road coach and then a visit to the Delta channels. Wine tasting at Murfatlar or visit the cave of St. Andrew and the invitation to lunch cooked by monks are next on the list of excursions from us. Tourists prefer older cities and museums to visit in Constanta, so they buy one ticket for Histria and go to the National History Museum in the city. Travel agencies have adapted to the idea of ​​the trip to Bucharest to Bran Castle. Tourists are offered to leave the ship for a day and a half or two and are then transported by bus or plane in Bulgaria or Turkey to getting back on the ship. Among this chosen destinations include tour of Bucharest, which includes a visit to the Houses of Parliament and a Romanian lunch.

Constanta Landmarks – the Casino | Photography Blog of …

So I decided to also go and visit Constanta and it’s surroundings. I did reach Histria, Gura Portitei, Traian’s Tropy at Adamclisi, St. Andrew Monastery and the very special Dervent Monastery, so stay tuned for the following …
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