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Airbnb related GDPR scam alert

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GDPR scam alert

GDPR scam alert

Journalists from an Austrian publication make an analysis of the data protection regulation, reaching some shocking conclusions.

Kurier writes that the rules imposed by the GDPR could cause an inconvenience to those who were uncomfortable. “To be honest, if you want to continue using Google and Facebook, you will blindly accept the terms and conditions pages.But it will be much easier to remove your address from a small business mailing list (if you are not sure). This could mean that businesses will have to use Google to continue to reach customers … “, says the Austrian publication.

At the same time, the regulation is also criticized by a German publication, which warns that it does not provide answers to many questions.

Police warning over GDPR email scams – here’s what to look out for

1 day ago THE POLICE are warning that the EU’s new GDPR privacy rules have prompted a wave of scam emails and texts as fraudsters masquerade as …

“How can a company be forced to provide transparency about algorithms, for example? It will not take long before computers can be trained to make important decisions for millions – in traffic, shopping and looking for a job. Companies are already using algorithms to view job applications. How can we ensure that it does not discriminate against any applicant? What authority can verify this? What barriers do the state have to do here? Answers to such questions would increase people’s confidence in new technologies. GDPR deals with the important subject matter but does not provide rules for key topics of the future, “writes German Handelsblatt.

Last but not least, Irish Examiner points out that once the new regulation is adopted, cybercriminals will flood Europe with “spam by email about GDPR”

Digital security experts have already warned that users are exposed to sophisticated phishing scams. Airbnb Reservation Center customers are among those who have fallen victim to the scam. Criminals send false GDPR notifications to customers asking them to confirm their login or personal information, “writes the Irish publication.

Which are the airlines with the most delays and cancellations?

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delays and cancellations

In 2017, airline passengers should have received millions of euros in compensation due to delays or cancellation, and flights to Turkey have a record of these chapters.


Live Airline Flight Cancellations Info & Statistics FlightAware

Total delays today: 1,636. Total delays within, into, or out of the United States today: 49. Total cancellations today: 1,984. Total cancellations within, into, or out of the United States today: 1,815 …


AirHelp, the world leader in compensation for airline passengers, identified throughout 2017 over 42,000 Romanian passengers eligible for compensation from airlines. If they applied for compensation, as they were entitled, the compensation would amount to approximately EUR 12 million.      Due to the large number of delays and / or cancellations, Turkey was the most problematic destination for Romanian passengers in 2017. Most delayed, canceled or overbooked flights are on the Bucharest-Istanbul (Ataturk Airport) route. More specifically, last year, 621 flights recorded a cumulative delay of 14,134 minutes, equivalent to about 10 days. Out of over 152,000 flights are operated annually, of which more than 36,000 have been delayed or canceled.   The most crowded month for Romania in 2017 was November. After the large number of delayed or canceled external flights, the most problematic destinations were Istanbul (Turkey), Vienna (Austria) and Munich (Germany).    The internal route with the highest delays or cancellations was Timişoara-Bucharest , with 17%.   Romania, at the middle of the ranking with the biggest flight delays. Tarom and Ryanair among the weakest performances   Compared to airports such as Singapore Changi, which has the best references, or London Gatwick, The recorded performances place them in the middle of the leaderboard.

The AirHelp rankings, which track the punctuality, services, and claim processing rate, show that Tarom and Ryanair have the weakest performance.   “Year 2017 was very exciting for airline passengers. Let’s recall the wave of races canceled by TAP Portugal in August and September, when passengers were not only picked up for a few days in a row, but did not receive any information regarding the status of their trip. Immediately after cancellations of Ryanair flights, which also affected passengers. What many of them forget is that in the event of flight delays of more than three hours or cancellation of flights, they are entitled to compensation from airlines, which can reach up to 600 euros. However, although it is their right, less than 2% of passengers apply for compensation. We recommend that passengers who have been affected by delays or cancellations of flights in 2017 should read their rights and ensure that they do not waive the compensation they are entitled to receive. The AirHelp mission is to help passengers get their compensation. Airline passengers who have been delayed or canceled can check their eligibility for compensation in the AirHelp free app, available for iOS and Android, or on the AirHelp site. The whole process does not take more than a few minutes.


FlightStats Global Cancellations and Delays

The global flight cancellation and delay tracker from flightstats.com is the most trusted and comprehensive day-of-travel snapshot.




Top European destinations that tourists omit

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top european destinations

British journalists have achieved top European destinations that no one should miss in 2017, among them is Belfast. Pleasure travel should not change depending on the season, destinations, however, may be different and the most suitable cities for a city-break are those in Europe. To highlight the beautiful destinations, but tourists avoid them, The Independent has made a top that includes:


Best Destinations in Europe – Travelers’ Choice Awards – TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor – Travelers’ Choice Awards. Find out what the best destinations in Europe are as awarded by millions of real travelers.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

It is the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland. Here you can visit St. George’s Market, one of the most beautiful squares, where you can even find anything you want to buy. In Belfast there is a street which is called Madrid and ends in Berlin wall. In Belfast are organized many festivals and concerts, street art being intensively promoted.


Bucharest Romania

Journalists British newspaper “The Independent” reminiscent of the Old Town. It also recommends visiting the House of the People and Parliament, considering that no tourist should leave before finding out about the events of 1989. Calling it the “Paris of Eastern Europe,” British journalists an overview and bars in Bucharest.

Genoa, Italy

Most visitors arriving in Genoa tend to go immediately to Portofino or the Ligurian Riviera. However, Geneva is one of the best preserved medieval old towns in Europe. Tourists can visit the Via Garibaldi, a long street with Renaissance palaces, many of them open to the public as museums, shops and restaurants. Should not be overlooked popularity of street food stores and local retailers.


The best city break destinations for autumn, in Romania

We do not have to leave the country to escape quiet we have a few days. Romanians have become increasingly interested in a city break on domestic places, and autumn is the perfect season for such miniholiday thanks to lower prices charged by hoteliers and numerous festivals in this period. Weekend …






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