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Which are the airlines with the most delays and cancellations?

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delays and cancellations

In 2017, airline passengers should have received millions of euros in compensation due to delays or cancellation, and flights to Turkey have a record of these chapters.


Live Airline Flight Cancellations Info & Statistics FlightAware

Total delays today: 1,636. Total delays within, into, or out of the United States today: 49. Total cancellations today: 1,984. Total cancellations within, into, or out of the United States today: 1,815 …


AirHelp, the world leader in compensation for airline passengers, identified throughout 2017 over 42,000 Romanian passengers eligible for compensation from airlines. If they applied for compensation, as they were entitled, the compensation would amount to approximately EUR 12 million.      Due to the large number of delays and / or cancellations, Turkey was the most problematic destination for Romanian passengers in 2017. Most delayed, canceled or overbooked flights are on the Bucharest-Istanbul (Ataturk Airport) route. More specifically, last year, 621 flights recorded a cumulative delay of 14,134 minutes, equivalent to about 10 days. Out of over 152,000 flights are operated annually, of which more than 36,000 have been delayed or canceled.   The most crowded month for Romania in 2017 was November. After the large number of delayed or canceled external flights, the most problematic destinations were Istanbul (Turkey), Vienna (Austria) and Munich (Germany).    The internal route with the highest delays or cancellations was Timişoara-Bucharest , with 17%.   Romania, at the middle of the ranking with the biggest flight delays. Tarom and Ryanair among the weakest performances   Compared to airports such as Singapore Changi, which has the best references, or London Gatwick, The recorded performances place them in the middle of the leaderboard.

The AirHelp rankings, which track the punctuality, services, and claim processing rate, show that Tarom and Ryanair have the weakest performance.   “Year 2017 was very exciting for airline passengers. Let’s recall the wave of races canceled by TAP Portugal in August and September, when passengers were not only picked up for a few days in a row, but did not receive any information regarding the status of their trip. Immediately after cancellations of Ryanair flights, which also affected passengers. What many of them forget is that in the event of flight delays of more than three hours or cancellation of flights, they are entitled to compensation from airlines, which can reach up to 600 euros. However, although it is their right, less than 2% of passengers apply for compensation. We recommend that passengers who have been affected by delays or cancellations of flights in 2017 should read their rights and ensure that they do not waive the compensation they are entitled to receive. The AirHelp mission is to help passengers get their compensation. Airline passengers who have been delayed or canceled can check their eligibility for compensation in the AirHelp free app, available for iOS and Android, or on the AirHelp site. The whole process does not take more than a few minutes.


FlightStats Global Cancellations and Delays

The global flight cancellation and delay tracker from flightstats.com is the most trusted and comprehensive day-of-travel snapshot.




The Netherlands took a serious action against Airbnb

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against Airbnb

Airbnb has quickly become one of the most popular accommodation services when you go on holiday. More and more people prefer “on demand” to the detriment of traditional ones, and much faster payment processing contributes to this choice.

The popularity of the service has given rise to more or less conventional businesses. People started buying or renting apartments to list Airbnb for profit. Even though most countries do not have a problem with this, it is not the case of the Netherlands, namely Amsterdam, who was tired of Airbnb tenants. If until now the citizens of Amsterdam, one of the most visited cities in the world, were allowed to rent their dwellings through Airbnb for 60 days a year, this period was now reduced to 30 days due to the disaffection of the tenants in the various buildings of homes that no longer tasted of the “diversity” of sporadic neighbors, some of them even scandalous. Practically, for a city assaulted by millions of tourists every year, such a decision would reduce the number of scandals broke in certain areas and would even help to decongest traffic in an overcrowded city. Several tourist centers, such as Paris, London or New York, also resort to laws limiting the duration of the Airbnb rental of a home.


8 Cities Cracking Down on Airbnb – Photos – Condé Nast Traveler

Jun 2, 2017 Despite the advantages of the home-sharing site, not everyone is enthused about many of its variables: Here, eight places that are looking to crack down—or have already done so.


Suspicious conversation led to an emergency landing of an EasyJet airplane

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easyjet airplane

A low-cost EasyJet company landed an emergency on Saturday afternoon at Cologne-Bonn, after the aircraft’s pilots received information about a “suspicious conversation” with a “terrorist content.” The aircraft took off shortly before Ljubljana and was about to land at Stansted Airport near London, reports the BBC.


Airplane assault: Female easyJet passenger arrested for punching …

May 12, 2016 easyJet airplane flying in sky GETTY. Female passenger arrested for punching easyJet pilot in the face. The woman was on an easyJet flight at …


Three men were also arrested by the German authorities at Cologne-Bonn Airport. All 151 passengers were evacuated from the aircraft and the flight was suspended for three hours at the German airport. Following the intervention, the German authorities detonated a backpack belonging to one of the suspects. “Before that, the pilot received information about a suspicious conversation aboard, and then decided to make an unscheduled landing on the Cologne-Bonn airfield. After a safe landing … the 151 passengers left the plane through emergency exits and were taken to a transit gate, “said a spokesman for the Koln-Bonn airport. Passengers also had to pass immediately through security filters and the authorities also checked the EasyJet. It seems that other passengers have decided to let the flight crew know of the suspicious conversation between the three men, which had a terrorist content. All passengers received one night at the hotel and left Sunday morning to London.

German police announced on Sunday that they found no explosive on the EasyJet plane that had landed the day before in Cologne (West Germany) because of “suspicious conversations” heard on board, AFP informs. The three British 31, 38 and 48-year-olds arrested after landing, continue to be interrogated by the police. According to the authorities, none of them are in the security services database. The police inspected the plane with the help of the genius dogs before announcing that he had found nothing suspicious.


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