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Seven cities in the world where people are payed to live

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seven cities

Few people know that there are places in the world where, for some reason, people are paying to dwell. In these places there is a shortage in the number of inhabitants and try to attract them with money.

Detroit, Michigan, USAParis of the West” – Detroit became a ghost town today, is far from the glory of yore, specifically the second half of the 20th century, according Brightside . Thus, the city government is desperately seeking artificially to encourage people to come to live there. Program initiated by City Hall, entitled “challenge Detroit”, proposed amount of $ 2,500 workers from nearby cities willing to relocate work in the former “capital of American cars.”

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Seven Cities may refer to: “Seven Cities” (song), a 1999 single by trance producers Solarstone; Seven Cities (Malazan), a continent in the Malazan Book of the …

Alaska, USA If you are one of those people who like snow and some colder weather, it’s good to know that to live here there are special funds that the state grant. The only condition is that there trbeuie to move there for at least one year. Thus, Alaska is perhaps the best example of a state that offers residents money. Since 1976, Alaska has paid with funds from the monetary reserve residents Permanent Reserve Fund. Amounts received by residents ranged over the years, from 331 dollars per person in 1984 to $ 3,269 per person in 2008, but the average is around $ 1,250. To be eligible for the loan grant, residents should not require residency in another state in America.


5 cities in Romania that you can visit for less than 200 euros

Cluj-Napoca (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Although the majority of Romanian tourists choose destinations abroad for a mini-vacation with 2 to 4 nights, few know that they can spend weekends and very beautiful city from Romania for prices and 50% lower than in major European capitals. Romania has 9 of the world’s top …


Saskatchewan Province, Canada This Canadian province offers the possibility of having recently completed school accounts to move into the area to start a new and fruitful career. Those who are willing to populate the land in Saskatchewan would receive $ 20,000 Canadian for a period of seven years living there.

Niagara Falls, New York, USA Another opportunity almost too good to be true: getting paid to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Government allocates $ 7,000 graduates who agree to work in businesses developed around the falls for at least two years.

Ponga, Asturias, Spain It is a small village in northeastern Spain, one of the oldest in the country and to attract residents we, the government provides $ 3,000 each couple moves in Ponga. In addition, for each child that couples who have still receive $ 3,000. .

Utrecht, Netherlands The Netherlands is a country known worldwide for its free spirit and orientation towards social sciences knowledge of the environment and man. Here’s a social experiment initiated in the small town of Utrecht, where each resident receives $ 1,000.

Solarstone – Seven Cities (Original Mix) – YouTube

Sep 1, 2014 Solarstone – Seven Cities (Original Mix) … Mix – Solarstone – Seven Cities ( Original Mix)YouTube · Solarstone – Seven Cities (Armin van Buuren …
Curtis, Nebraska, USA Although it seems incredible, in the small town in Nebraska you can get land for free: all you need to do is to provide a solution to improve infrastructure or local culture.


Incredible project that will change air travel

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English: NASA Puffin concept electrical VTOL a...

The promise of a concept for an aircraft capable of carrying 10 passengers.Industrial designer, Charles Bombardier, created a concept for an aircraft very quickly – Antipode supersonic capable of carrying 10 people could reach up to Mach 24!Bombardier has also created another concept, Skreemr capable of carrying 75 passengers and reach Mach 10.

Jennifer Nagu: 10 air travel legal rights you should know about

If you’ve ever sat in the departure area of an airport just for the flight to be cancelled or to be told your luggage will arrive sometime in the next 15 hours, you know how air travel can suck. In all of these situations, the airline owes you for your

Bombardier spoke with the people at Forbes who told them that the idea came to him trying to solve the problem of design that was Skreemr – namely, that materials that would be created would not be able to withstand the acceleration Skreemr. Being much smaller, Antipo uses an aerodynamic phenomenon called “long penetration mode” to prevent the wings to fail if the accelerator.

“I wanted to create a concept plane able to reach its antipode (diametrically opposed place on the planet) as quickly as possible,” says Bombardier. Antipode may start from any airport in the world using propulsion rocket attached to the wings.It would detach it once the plane reaches 12,000 meters altitude and would return to the airport, at which it kicks in Antipode engine, causing the aircraft to Mach 24.

Some employers clearly regulate relations in the airline industry for pilots

Some companies in the airline industry in the individual employment contract governing relations between flight attendants and pilots of aircraft, although proximity of the employees are sometimes thousands of miles away from home is inevitable. Internet via Wi-Fi on board of the aircrafts European air carriers are rushing to offer Internet access

At such a speed, the aircraft could travel from between New York and London in 11 minutes, between New York and Dubai in 22 minutes and between New York and Sydney in 32 minutes.

There are some problems, of course. Even NASA has failed to create a stable scramjet engine so far and there is the big problem of the effect it will have on passengers and drivers speed.

Did you know that New York has more rats then people?

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new yorkA record number of 24,000 complaints against rats were recorded this year in New York, where the authorities have intensified the fight against thousands of swarming rodents parks, subways and sewer.

10 Tips for Cocktailing in New York City

As the philosopher Simone de Beauvoir wrote, “There’s something in the New York air that makes sleep useless.” One reason for this is the effervescent cocktail culture. Cocktailing is a quintessential New York experience but can be frustrating, if not …

Increasing the number of complaints does not mean an increase in the number of rats, the mayor underlined that assigns record numbers of new phone applications, launched in February, facilitating complaints.

Municipal Department of Health has intensified battle against rats program with a budget of 2.9 million dollars, compared to $ 400,000 previously, while the number of employees increasing from 9 to 50 people. Authorities have tested a new strategy in Manhattan and Bronx, intensifying operations eliminating the rat populations.

In October 2014, the city auditor New York, Scott Stringer denounced rat problem considering that “are too numerous and the need for a real plan of action to solve the problem.”

From London to New York on the highway

Railway company President of Russia Vladimir Iakunin, proposed a plan for a Trans-Siberian highway that would link the country to the eastern border of the US state of Alaska, passing over the Bering Strait, which separates Asia from North America, reports CNN . The plan was unveiled at a meeting of …

One of these rats has recently become a celebrity on YouTube where he is trying to descend a ladder saw him pulling a slice of pizza.

Rats are almost as old as the city dating from the colonial era. What is their number? Legend has it that there are as many as New Yorkers are 8.4 million, but a statistician at the University of Columbia, Jonathan Auerbach, equaled their number at about 2 million.

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No matter what type of food you’re itching for, you can find it in New York City. As part of its 2016 restaurant-survey results, released last month, Zagat compiled a list of the best restaurants in New York City for every type of cuisine. From smoky
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