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Antalya, the dream of a summer vacation all inclusive

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antalya the dream

Antalya is a holiday destination more than common.People choose to spend here family holidays, honeymoons or simply seek ten days of pampering, away from any worries. Even any worries

Working people are resting before to engage again with enthusiasm in production.  In time, it cultivated a taste for stays of 7-10 days in a resort equipped “with everything you need.” Mediterranean weather, beautiful scenery pleasing to the eye, blue sea stretching from the foothills of the Taurus, acceptable prices and, why not ?, a people close to those domestic skills. A decent option, therefore.

The best all-inclusive hotels in the world

  Huffington Post publication presents some of the finest all-inclusive hotel complexes in the world. Besides excellent accommodation services, food and entertainment offered to tourists, these hotels are located in scenic spots, unique in the world. 8 Tips to Save on Spring Break Travel All-inclusive hotels can also be a great way for …

Life all inclusive

Antalya is a destination for those without the condition, with long walks mood, appetite for historical monuments, accustomed to a varied program. Not.  Antalya is heaven reserved for those seeking tranquility, rest, relaxation.  It’s a good place to head cleared. A week into spring has such a miraculous effect of calming the nerves gathered over year, with the money saved for vacation.  Because five star hotels are not necessarily available to everyone, but no not completely inaccessible. Belek and Antalya to be strung like pearls pe un colier numai astfel de hoteluri sofisticate. a necklace only such sophisticated hotels. High-end, cum spun americanii. High-end, as the Americans say.

As in any industry to be taken seriously, styles are different enough to satisfy all aesthetic senses – which are not discussed.  The fact is that all have one thing in common: opulence. Compete investors, managers, architects, public relations specialists and marketers to devise ways to improve the conditions of stay of guests. Camere Rooms – more diverse, liquor ad libitum and various entertainment facilities. Sure if taken with the quality consumable products, for instance, it is generally proportional to the price of your stay.

To anyone, fun is guaranteed: beach volleyball, table tennis outdoor pools, water slides and pools. Then there are all those halls, besieged by tourists from morning to night: fitness, aerobics, yoga, billiards, bowling, and most often the meals. Beach umbrellas and feature clusters of chairs, canopies, lake cottages. Totul pentru răsfăţul clienţilor. Everything for pampering guests.  The sand is usually imported for waterfront is pretty rocky.  Who does not like sitting poolside or just to record and observed that minus. Because ultimately it does not matter than that in such hotels, life is all inclusive. . Shadow someone cares for the welfare of the client and nothing is left to chance.

“Disneyland” Oriental

Investors ambitions in the region culminated in the construction of Antalya Rixos Belek (pictured right). “The Land of Legends” called him.  Because Turkish tourism is the mirror of all ideals: entertainment and history.  On the outside, the hotel brings the Brandenburg Gate, guarded by statues of two Roman emperors. And inside is a “toy house” with multicolored walls, air balloons hanging from the ceiling, chandeliers shaped lollipops, mirrors that distort reality, cheerful cartoon characters and princesses Roman soldiers.

Can be questionable aesthetic result of combining these elements ambient, but almost does not matter when you know the stakes: the construction of an amusement park larger than Dinseylandul, the first public aquarium in the open in Europe, with the highest carousel on water, 43 meters.  This is the future five-star resorts: the abundance that forces you to realize that any comment is superfluous.  Stay in silence and look for a decision: go or not go?

 Temptations outside resorts: sophisticated ancient ruins and gardens


Those who dare to come out of sweet little holiday and numbness in small reserves of peace and luxury can opt for a short trip to Aspendos. Greco-Roman still retains memory. Among the ruins still attract a few curious from around the world include a basilica, an agora, a nimfeum, a theater (above) – which is the best preserved ancient theater of the period in Europe – and 15 kilometers of aqueduct.

Every year, spring and early summer, the theater hosts the Festival International Aspendos Opera and Ballet. Roman theater, with a capacity of 7,000 seats, was built in 155 by the Greek architect Zenon. After the fall of the Greek-Roman city came under Seljuk administration.  The theater has undergone several processes of consolidation over time, being transformed by the Seljuk Turks, in turn, the caravanserai and the XIII century, the Sultanate of Rum in the palace.  However, there is the history of theater that customizes but architecture. Specialists insist that the building is the ultimate example of construction of a Roman theater in oriental style. Furthermore, the theater of Aspendos is the only pure Roman style building in Turkey, with dedicated public spaces (Cave) completely united with the front of the stage (scaenae frons).  And all these details are shrouded in an aura of legend: it is said that both the theater and aqueduct were built by hand one contender to face the governor. Candidate building would have won most useful for the population. The other would have committed suicide out of love even on the theater stage he built.  A drama.

Not far from Aspendos is another oasis of good cheer outside resorts. Expo 2016 Antalya (foto dreapta). Expo 2016 Antalya (pictured right). A trip through the parks on the planet: the Japanese gardens, parks shrubs African carvings, just to Ottoman gardens. A huge park hosts an outdoor exhibition finest floral arrangements from over 20 countries. The exhibition also hosts various events recreational outdoor concerts with renowned artists – including UB40, Sting and Tarkan – magic shows, theater comedy, games, classes in calligraphy, drawing competitions and other activities for children

Turkish tourism has had a few setbacks this year: the conflict with Russia, the refugee crisis and terrorist attacks. Estimates were pretty dismal, but at least are not absolute: forecasted a decrease in the number of tourists by approximately 25-35% compared to 2015. The outflow of tourists from the Mediterranean coast of Turiciei due mainly Russians, who are the most numerous Turkish market after Germany. The effect of these behaviors is not hard to predict: tour operators have considerably reduced prices. Good bait for both Turkish citizens and those in other markets.

However, the agencies also urge travelers to consider better offers all the hotels to make the right choice, it will fulfill the dream of a perfect summer holiday.

7 wonders of Turkey

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istanbulImaginary arc joining the magical Istanbul with sunny Antalya, Turkey stabbing heart on the line Ankara-Konya, pulsating history, no doubt, from the creation. Hittites, Phrygians, Medes, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Ottomans, Turks – and what not tribes, subject or domineering – and immortalized there, palpable wonders today that delights the senses. Reading, please log of the trip fabulous

The Wonders of Turkey – YouTube

Sep 24, 2006 There are many reasons to see one of the most beautiful lands in the world…. Turkey Azerbaijan music Alekber Tagiyev – Sen gelmez oldun.

1. Istanbul – the city with cats and chestnuts first instant fixed on the retina when I think of Istanbul not far curves of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia. No haughty silhouettes of minarets where breakthrough now only recorded voices, broken and whining of some electronic muezzin. Even Topkapi Palace, more than 400 years old residence of the sultans who gave His life and death as easily as elected their cadânele. Not! Thin seals of the city linking Europe with Asia not find dishonored by mosques grafted onto the body of basilicas, no museums wrapped in gold and jewels.

Inmost soul of ancient Byzantium, wrapped in silent walls of Constantinople, stroll down narrow streets, winding cobblestone questions like, to palm the Mediterranean. When I am not stumble ankle cats lounging in the sun, hampered only by the crack of dry chestnuts roasted on makeshift stalls. Dogs fatty stray blackbirds hungry after crumb scattered pigeons, old dry with mustaches twisted snow, smiling timeless and conqueror, battlements through the slot which bowed once Paleologi or Comneni manure now the high of a turntable secular. .. They are for me, intimate wings of Istanbul, closed permanently within him.

The other city currently grown on both sides of the Bosphorus and held on fast forward, push you in the eye with crane arms Siti slips away highways and bridges complicated suspended between civilizations. The city counts 18.6 million inhabitants, almost the entire population.This enhances the human anthill with two million daily commuters into and out of the old town, clogging (7.00 and 19.00 are infernal) retezând brooding smiles and calcined swearing.It seems that Asia is moving, imperceptibly to Europe. As does, in fact, for thousands of years.

2. Tale Cappadocia – cradle of Christianity I left behind Istanbul.

14 hours of harrowing escape on four wheels catapulted me, then, in a reverie: Cappadocia.Action volcanoes seasons combined in millions of erosion by wind and rain executed, pampers your eyes and caress imagination. Here in the “Land of beautiful horses” as they labeled the ancient Hittites this plateau where early Christians dug and built churches and faith, the light is measured in simple joys. I flew over valleys falusurilor stone and lava, bewildered seized dozens of balloons sky high strength hot air pumped morning multicolored sails. Floating over Cappadocia is a fairy tale that will cost you 80 euros (negotiation went from 130 euros) and you borrow for 45 minutes, something of greatness and courage of Icarus.

3. Göreme – From Christian churches hidden in tuff horizons azure enveloping the earth unearthly, came down in the middle of soft tuff in Göreme, where people of the second century AD and had tidied up the beliefs, defending and bare chests churches persecution Roman centurions. “Mărului Church” Chapel of St. Catherine, the Holy Barbara, St. Onufrie … Splendide testimony of a Christian rock laced in welcoming Cappadocia.

4. Kaymakli – eight-story underground city From there, I wandered into the belly underground city – Kaymakli Yeralti Sehr. Kaymakli – gels in Turkish – was a haven vertically, the second largest in Anatolia. It has eight floors – which were allowed to visit only two – down to a depth of 130 meters and is very cleverly constructed and is equipped with ventilation shafts, boulders round the post by gates that close inside kitchens , stables, bedrooms, even a church. It is estimated that the city could accommodate up to 30,000 people in the narrow tunnels that interconnect via steep steps. He kneaded the soft flesh of the rock? Historians speak of a troglodyte people, very skillful. The data reveals that the quarrel between VII and X centuries Christians have sheltered here for fear invasions Oriental.

Skein with tales of Cappadocia rolls now. My journal aims instead Antalya road. It spread through the mountains where cumulonimbus clouds give you a sensation of floating. Beyond this ballet meteorological follows me something. Premonition that including, I will swallow chasm Asia. Seas and winds on one side, and on our side of the rocky trail. Turkey is a country of mountains, seas but a constantly lurking. Do not leave room to overflow. And then, Turkey deepens in its depth, it writhes in tradition Afu-mate of time, increasingly eroded by specious glitter of this.

The first city east in the way – Aksaray – the accolade open to Konya (former capital of the Empire Selgiuc, now a city almost mystical, with dervishes legendary knit daily prayers muttered the elderly sages of Mevlana. Here is the tomb of Sinan Pasha ). In Aksaray, Mercedes builds trucks, so the settlement is packed with new blocks. Some grazing sheep, is clear evidence of concerns-emblem. Small town is enlivened by 120,000 peasants, shepherds converted townspeople occasion. Mosques are discrete. Here, where flickering light crescent sign German group displays a polished grin …

5. Follow the Silk Road Caravanserai 170 kilometers to Konya on the right path in Turkey.Drivers despise. Mountains lines parted and their Aunt has discolored in a green fickle caught in small fields, poor. Only majestic clouds remained. The sun punctures, and then, with yellow rays are affected by anemia.

Going east, the highway is deteriorating. But wonders – everywhere. We stop at the gate oldest resting place of the famous Silk Road: Sultan Han Kervan Seray – a caravanserai on the Romanian – built in 1229. The merchants were paying 10% of the goods imported in exchange for protection in Anatolia, the territory controlled by the Seljuk Turks . Caravanserai had soldiers, doctor, imam. Under the Ottoman Turks, the inn has fallen … Now only pigeons splits in short flights, zigzazate, basalt silence that clung to the walls. Caravanserai fortress gate closes, umbrellas retezând delayed.

6. Aspendos, the ancient theater is Taurus mountains silhouette guess again. Soon, we imply by their reunion, to the transparent Antalya. History pulsates, is alive, simply close your eyes and choose when you want to roam – the Hittite, Phrygian, Mežica, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman Turkish. To my right, runs high fields, which extract heavy man mechanized straight, bread everyday. No tree plains covered with straw breaks the monotony. Brake … A turtle narrowly missed the afterlife. Put, forced the landscape.Probably he will try to cross again to fulfill his destiny hijacked. Appear small conifers, altitude increases … We cross the Taurus Mountains. Wood cut no car I saw in three hours.Mediterranean opens us up front, undulating, challenging lithe. Once past the barrier of the mountains, the air becomes warm, alluring. Aspendos Theater stop, a relic of antiquity superb. It’s here Greeks and Persians. They fought for supremacy on the river navigable in the area. The Romans and some quiet, others …

7. Antalya – a miracle that I leave you to discover not write down anything. I am trying to understand the wonder that is called Antalya. Crop up eyes on the sun, mountains and a whitish piece of heaven.

An ancient underground city, 5,000 years old, discovered in Turkey

An ancient underground city, about 5,000 years old, antique used by tens of thousands of people to hide from invaders, was recently discovered in Turkey, reports dailymail.co.uk. Turkish builders discovered by chance one of the largest and most complex underground cities in the world, in the region of Cappadocia in eastern …

Three old ships, perfectly preserved, were found by two divers in Danube

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old ships

Two young divers from Constanta made a startling discovery at the mouth of the Danube to the Black Sea on the Sulina: the wrecks of three ships that sailed in two centuries ago.


This is purely a hobby site and brings together thousands of pictures so people can use them for research purposes or just enjoy looking at old ships. I do not …

Pascale Roibu 35 years and Iulian Rusu 37 years, Constanta two divers who found the German seaplane of the Second World War in Lake Siutghiol, went to look for treasure in the delta. Last week they discovered the mouth of the Danube to the Black Sea on the Sulina branch, three ships that sank more than two centuries ago. The expedition was prepared long before. Passionate about aquatic world and its mysteries, the diver to read more stories of sunken boats to Sulina. He decided to seek and testimonies that we found in the form of lithographs and etchings in foreign archives. Equipped with everything necessary, two professional divers went to discover the treasures of the deep. Near the mouth of the Danube in Sulina on the Black Sea in a freshwater pool, found at a depth of seven to eight meters wrecks of three boats: two commercial and one war. They were half buried in the sand and very well preserved. In the area there are strong currents and fresh water helped preserve the timber ships.

The Book of Old Ships: From Egyptian Galleys to Clipper S…

The Book of Old Ships: From Egyptian Galleys to Clipper Ships [Henry B. Culver, Grodon Grant] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Of all the …

Particular attention also drew her toward the warship, which has a length of about 50 meters. “It was built around 1790, from what we have given new account cannonballs of the ship model,” says Pascale Roibu. The vessel can be English or French. “It will be known with certainty when the gun emblem will be analyzed, since at that time the weapons of this type was made royal emblem,” says Pascale Roibu. 100 cannonballs sleeping on the seabed The war ship, diving in just a few hours, the two have discovered more than 100 balls in the ship’s hold, caliber 30 cm and each weighing 70 kilograms. There, they found a canon carriage wheel. “In view of this wheel, we believe that a gun would have weighed a ton and a half.” How is the archaeological site, unlike the Black Sea, the two explorers out of the depths a cannon shot and a wheel were donated to the Lighthouse Museum of Sulina. There have also been announced Hall Sulina and Tulcea Culture Department. Iulian Vizauer, executive director of the County Department for Culture, and, Cults and National Cultural Heritage of Tulcea, said that there were reports that are part artifacts. “By their uniqueness, these findings are very important. Monday we started the procedure for classifying as a site archaeological site, “he said. Representative culture institution considers that these ships are best preserved in the state in which they long. “They have adapted to that environment. He pulled to the surface, would be subject to bacteriological attack, which would quickly deteriorate “, he added.

What they were looking for at that time foreign ships in the Black Sea? The general context, says prof. Dr. Valentin Ciorbea was marked by what everyone calls “oriental”: wars between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, which ended after 1878. “naval battles were fewer in the Black Sea in that period. It is possible that the warship to accompany a commercial ship and was caught by a storm and sunk “, said history teacher.

Danube legends: the mystery of ancient tunnels that span the River

A cruise boat in Danube Delta (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Most legends say that the Moldavian boyars had dug a tunnel under the Danube in order to protect the wealth of Turkish and Tatar invasions. Entering the tunnel they are in a sacred place inaccessible “civilians” under the altar of the …

Equally true is the fact that it was customary for Ukrainians to come and attack boats Danube. “Although Turks have maintained a strict control over the Black Sea, there were countless gateways at the mouth of the Danube Otherwise we can not explain what I was looking for Dutch coins discovered. The fact is that after the year 1800 the British began to come in these parts, “explains Valentin Ciorbea. Black Sea Treasures Pascale Roibu and 2013 Iulian Rusu found two wrecks of the German seaplanes Ovidiu Lake Mamaia. Wrecks were buried in the silt at a depth of 4.5 meters in the middle of the lake, Roibu says Pascale. One of them belonged to a flying boat built at Blohm und Wöss famous site where the ship was built and brig Mircea school. The plane crashed on landing during a training night in April 1943 when the entire crew died. Last year, the team of divers discovered three ships in the Black Sea in ancient times. And treasure hunters would not stop here. They want to make diving and other arms of the Danube, where legends say that here are ships sunk.

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