The aberration behind a failure on EU money

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In the category of “European money to be, as we take care of them,” present history of missed investment. The spa complex, Baia Verde, Slanic Prahova, have invested almost 4 million.

The construction lies, however, not used for five years because the city fathers have not found a director willing to pay a royalty of $ 100,000, as required by law.

Slănic – Wikipedia

Slănic is one of the 14 towns of Prahova County, Romania, historically and currently known as a salt extraction center, as well as a spa town, with salt lakes.
Equipped with three salt lakes, an amphitheater, a treatment and two swimming pools, Baia Verde complex in conservation came even before it opened for the first visitors. And this from a miscalculation made by the municipality.

Local government has received European money to build a treatment center and works enthusiastically approved.

When investment – nearly 4 million – was ready mayors have tried in vain to find someone willing to exploit privately.

Given the high value of the expenditure, the law provides that the administrator pay a royalty of $ 100,000.

Costea primary Danelus Slanic Prahova: “Every year I tried to bring to auction, to rent. But it did not show any economic agent.”

Furthermore, the complex has no beds and private investor should buy cabinets and appliances for treatment. Another risk that local government did not take into account when playing with millions of euros. The place still looks good but because it is not used, there were traces of degradation. In the absence of something, only tourists come to bathe in the salt lakes located in the spa park. Entry cost 15 lei, deck chair and umbrella still 10. Maybe it would spend more money, but they did what. Reporter: Have you been here? Tourist: “O once last year, now it’s better, it’s cleaner, better. There are stairs, water is saltier … ” Reporter: “-The treatment you try it? Tourist: “Yes!” From 2016 when the value of the investment will shrink, the mayor of Slanic hopes to lower the price of rent and so , to find an investor. If not, time and rust swallow as elsewhere, European money.

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