The first country in the world to test the train without a conductor

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train without a conductor


The Dutch rail operator ProRail announced its intention to conduct at least one test with a freight train without a conductor in 2018, which will make the Netherlands a pioneer in the field of automated driving, informs AFP, taken over by Agerpres .

Aslef admits trains without any conductors ARE safe | Daily Mail Online

Jan 9, 2017 The militant union behind the Southern rail strike told its members that services could continue even if conductors were unable to continue through ‘sickness, assault or arrest’.
ProRail specified that the first freight-free freight train test will run on the Betuweroute route, a rail link connecting the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam to Germany, equipped with a European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) security system better suited for automated driving.
During the test, the unmanned trains will operate with a system called ATO, abbreviated to ‘Automatic Train Operation‘, which can partially or totally take over from the conductor.
ProRail explains that thanks to this system trains will be able to run closer to each other, which will increase the capacity of the railways and reduce energy consumption.
ProRail also informed that he was in talks with the authorities of Groningen to test a test for automated passenger transport on the rail, but it has not yet been established when this test will take place.
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